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Wooden Door fitting and Repair in London

Wooden doors are aesthetically brilliant, and while their initial price may be higher than doors made out of steel or glass, aluminium or composite/FAUZ. However, with care and maintenance, wooden doors can stay shiny and perfect for many years. There are wooden doors that still function after a few hundred years.

HomeReps has been offering wooden door fitting repair since 2019, but our technicians have extensive personal experience in their respective industries. We offer replacement, renovation or restoration services. Our wooden door fitting and repair fees are based on the difficulty of the job and the size of the door, and the required frame.

We also offer additional construction services if you want to install a new door in a room for better access by removing the portion of the wall. For more information about bespoke wooden door installation, call our office and get an estimate of what it will take.

Our team can install or repair any wooden door fitting or other types of doors such as yard, driveway, or even glass doors, of both rotating and sliding varieties.

We provide complex and straightforward restoration and maintenance services for the following cases and more:

  • Repairing or restoring the chipped or broken parts of the door
  • Replacing or maintaining defective bolts and hinges
  • Adding security measures to the door, additional lights, reinforcements etc.
  • Recalibrating unhinged doors and misaligned door frames
  • Adding new decorative attachments to the door
  • Installing pet entrances for different pet sizes and bespoke pet entrance

Why Choose Us for Your Door Repair?

HomeReps fitters are professional carpenters with often years of experience in carpentry. Our professionals implement the perfect repair procedures to restore your doors if the case is rather delicate. In addition, you can trust our technicians with replacing or install new locks for your home. Do not hire unknown repairers without proper identification and license.

  • Emergency repair for broken doors

    We understand the safety hazards of leaving your home unprotected when its main entrance door is broken down or when the balcony door is unhinged and lying on the ground. If you have been a victim of break-ins, you understand the importance of installing reinforced doors. Contact HomeReps hotline for emergency inquiries regarding door repair or replacement.

  • Old and broken doors Removal

    If subjected to harsh conditions, wooden doors can deteriorate quickly and begin to smell in some cases where the damp has made the wooden door a perfect host for mould. Removing the door and possibly the door frame is the only option since repairing the door is impossible at this point. We offer same-day installation of a new door and a door frame if necessary.

  • Customer support service

    You can count on HomeReps to follow up on all of our installations for maintenance and repairs. It’s recommended to have your door serviced by a professional fitter every year if you want it to last longer. If regularly maintained, wooden doors will remain in shape for years to come, especially if the quality of the material is exceptional.

  • Qualified and skilled Staff

    All our fitters are appropriately licensed for carrying out home repair services and have received substantial training before acquiring the license. In addition, we handpick the staff with a thorough examination of their past work and welcome all your feedback about services rendered by our fitter.

Do you want to know more about the status of your wooden door and whether it needs repair?

  • Affordable prices

    As we mentioned, wooden doors can be expensive, and our price ranges are modest compared to other service providers in London. The price of door fitting services is an important factor in choosing a wooden door if you are on a tight budget. That’s one of the reasons we offer fair prices even for installing more oversized or more expensive doors.

  • We guarantee fast and easy fitting or repairs

    If you aren’t a fan of living without a front door for long and may be concerned with the fitters’ efficiency, HomeReps is at your service. Our staff will undertake the project with little interference to your daily activities and try to be as efficient as possible in removing the old door and installing a new one.

You can contact HomeReps for an assessment of your wooden door, whether it is structurally firm or need to be repaired or replaced. Our staff can offer more information about available services in London.