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Home to the best Wood flooring installation services in London

Our team of carpeting professionals has a large number of flooring installation projects under their belt, ranging from simple restoration jobs to complex installation of woodwork flooring from scratch, with floor preparation included. Most people will have trouble understanding the small differences between different types of woodworking and flooring material. That’s why you should seek help from HomeReps experts with a proven history of carrying out successful woodworking projects all across London and the greater London area.

It’s not just the quality of our services, we take pride in providing one of the best customer services and warranties among flooring installation providers. If you order a change of floorboards, you can rest assured no other component or installation in your home will be changed.

We provide a vast array of fitting services for your floorboards, all the way from choosing a new floorboard type that is most suitable for your home and settings, delivering the solid wood and providing the carpentry services required to fit and install them on your floor. In some cases, we need to lay the foundation for wood flooring if it does not already exist.

No matter the details, if it falls under the category of wood flooring and its related installations, we can offer our services with a guarantee of dedication and attention to detail that will leave you with a perfect floor.

What are the advantages of wooden floors in my home?

The aesthetic advantages are wood are hidden to none, and while it is not an easy task to describe beauty, you can certainly understand the difference between how comfortable a wooden floor is, and how a laminate parquet feels like.

In addition to the looks, it can withstand a lot of pressure, and some models will look better as time passes. You can choose to have sub-floored heating as well, especially if you have already decided to go with high-quality wood boards.

If you are buying expensive wood for your boards, like cherry wood, it’s recommended to hire experts who can properly install the boards and avoid damaging the expensive material. Sometimes you may face a shortage of material if the installers have ruined too much of it.

Wood Fitting Services Provided by HomeReps for our London customers:

  • Providing material and undertaking installation of parquet and floor blocks
  • Modified and customized floorboards for special locations
  • Building wood planks and panels for interior design
  • Installation of laminate flooring and skirts
  • Bespoke designs for your home and office floor
  • Fitting protective wood layers for walls or “cladding”

The key to having level, comfortable wooden floors is perfecting the subfloor and preparing it for installation. Most often, clients call us with disappointment because they haven’t been able to properly install the boards. We use layers of plywood to lay the foundation for flooring.

We also use the material to protect the boards against humidity, which in most cases mean a sound-proof floor as well. The sub-floor preparation not only helps with the flooring but will make it last longer in comparison to non-insulated floors.

Other steps in wood flooring installation projects include:

Containing Dust and Sawdust

The main issue with woodwork and carpentry is, in general, how much residual dust or sawdust it creates. It can be quite a hassle to clean out all the corners before installing the boards. In addition, dusty boards will not stick well to the adhesive material, which could further complicate the installation process. The equipment we use can hold most of the dust, but it is not a perfect method. When your floor has been installed, a thorough vacuuming session is needed to get rid of the dust for good.

Checking humidity levels in the sub-floor

Damp wooden boards can cause a lot of issues including attracting bugs and insects that will eat through the wood, or they may cause mould to mould between the planks. Or the humidity may cause degradation in the planks and the subfloor, weakening it through prolonged exposure.

If style matters to you, choose quality wooden flooring

Stylish homes aren’t complete without designer flooring, and what choice can better present how stylish you are other than a slick wooden floor, with a fresh polish that can reflect the lights on your chandeliers. You may not need a wooden floor for your kitchen, but you definitely need a cosy, heated wooden floor in your bedroom and hall.