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Wi-Fi installation services for your home or business in London

Installing a Wi-Fi router and setting it up can be very disorienting if you don’t have Wi-Fi installation experience. If you’re having a busy day and internet problems are the last issue you want to solve yourself, it’s time to call a professional and move on to the next task on your list.

Finding someone you can trust with your internet privacy and Wi-Fi installation data isn’t easy, and you can’t just find a technician off the street. HomeReps technicians are trustworthy and certified to discreetly install any Wi-Fi router or network.

If you are looking to establish a Wi-Fi network for a multi-story building and don’t know where to start or how much the equipment will cost, our consultants can estimate the cost and how long it will take to finalise the project.

We will conduct surveys and run different connection and signal tests to find the optimised setting for your network installation and give you a detailed analysis of the available option.

What are Wi-Fi Surveys?

The location of Wi-Fi access points should take into account the dimensions of the building to prevent any dead zones in the network and avoid useless overlapping of boosted signals. Wi-Fi surveys are carried out to determine where the technicians should install access points for optimal Wi-Fi access throughout the building. Professionals must carry out such surveys with the onsite inspection.

Specific software is available to diagnose your existing access point distribution and signal strength, which may help you if your system only needs one or two extra access points. But if your building has no previous Wi-Fi network systems, a professional must inspect your settings and design a personalised Wi-Fi network for your building.

Our Wi-Fi Survey Package includes

  • Wi-Fi Setup for Homes and Businesses
  • Improvement Analysis for Existing Network
  • Network Monitoring for any unusual traffic or breaches
  • Wi-Fi diagnosis and system troubleshooting
  • Establishing and finalising a Wi-Fi connectivity network
  • Internet speed and file sharing optimisation
  • Network-Wide Security patches and upgrades

HomeReps can Improve your Home Wi-Fi Network

If you have an existing Wi-Fi network but are unsatisfied with the quality of your connection, we offer diagnosis and troubleshooting services for your home, even if it isn’t set up by us. Suppose your previous provider has failed to consider the addition of more Wi-Fi dependent devices to your network. In that case, we can improve your infrastructure for a faster, more stable wireless connection.
Before we visit, make sure to give us a few details about your existing network.

Can We Improve your business Wi-Fi settings?

Our package of upgrades applies to commercial properties and settings as well. We can improve the efficiency of your business by improving your internet connection infrastructure or optimising your Wi-Fi router. We will assist you with all network-related issues. We offer round the clock service and customer support for our customers. We can provide the services as mentioned earlier to both large scale and small scale customers, no matter how complex your network of Wi-Fi access points is. So call us, rest easy and watch as our technicians quickly optimise your Wi-Fi Installation.

Failed Businesses have often refused to have clear and proficient communication, and this transfer of information mainly happens on the internet. While a stable connection does not guarantee safety, you can indeed predict scenarios in which a slow or unstable internet connection can keep you from conducting lucrative business online.

The cost of improving your business-grade Wi-Fi settings is dependent on a few factors, much similar to the home settings, which includes dimensions of the property, preferred area of coverage, number of access points, the roughly estimated number of users and the internet speed your business demands.

One of the critical aspects of business network installation is cyber security. Of course, more elite security options cost more but protect your system from various cyber-attacks.

Save time and money by investing in a high-end installation now

Arranging access point upgrades now may seem like a high cost at first, but keep in mind that the value of this equipment will only increase over time, and the same setting may cost more down the line. You will eventually have to upgrade your infrastructure anyway. Meanwhile, your business has lost potential clients because of poor network connections.

We provide online support after Wi-Fi installation, so you don’t have to stay on the phone for too long and pay extra for the call. Our subscription can be purchased online or in our office and includes 24/7 support for your network.

Are You Experiencing Wi-Fi Problems but nothing works?

Homereps IT experts can diagnose and troubleshoot any system or Wi-Fi network remotely or in person if the case is more complicated.

We offer the following services for Wi-Fi networks:

  • Covering blind spots and boosting Wi-Fi signals in areas with slow internet
  • Diagnose reasons for internet outage and fix them
  • Troubleshoot device connection issues
  • Investigate any strange connection issues or lags

Our Wi-Fi Installation solutions

  • Installation of routers and antennas in building or on the roof if necessary
  • Removing any old connection cables or routers
  • Adopting LAN connections in building to the network
  • Installation of access points as seen fit by the expert and manual configuration of settings
  • Manual configuration of gateways and access points

Once the installation is complete, our technician will provide you with a copy of the installation report, which includes the following details:

  • Map of Wi-Fi coverage in the area
  • Pictures of installed equipment for future reference
  • Details on the configuration of modems and passwords

Our Wi-Fi monitoring services can be used to track users, and data flow in your Wi-Fi network for maximum security. The services are:

  • Device location tracking based on MAC address
  • Dedicated security services for connection points
  • Data usage monitoring in all locations and access points
  • Creating a list of allowed and prohibited websites
  • Setting browsing limits and data usage limits
  • Using cloud-based DNS for filtering specific content