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Are you Looking to have Wi-Fi for Outbuilding and Outside areas?

Whether you consider adding a new bench in the yard for summer nights or making a new outdoor smoking area, you know it must have internet access. Otherwise, nobody would use it.

Especially for home gardens and outdoor cafes, the main router inside the building won’t cover the outer areas or have a slow connection. Some Wi-Fi boosters are available to extend their coverage, but they are not very reliable and won’t work in bad weather conditions. That is why we recommend a separate Wi-Fi router for the outside areas to have a faster connection with no drain on the primary router.

You can have high-speed Wi-Fi outdoor, with no lag!

Playing video games outdoor has never been more fun!

Is it really worth all the trouble to have Wi-Fi for your outdoor garden? It depends on how much time you would like to spend out there with your children around you. Because you know kids won’t be anywhere without Wi-Fi nowadays. Some outdoor cases may prove somewhat problematic, especially if you have metal fences or installations inside the garden. Still, our technicians will always find a way around to provide the fastest connection possible.

Why Should You Install a Fast Outdoor Wi-Fi Access Point?

While the pandemic may near its end, the trend of the remote workforce in companies won’t end anytime soon as it has proven successful in some cases. So if you want to work in the open air and have a blast while getting your tasks done or need to attract more customers for your business, here is why you should finalise your decision:

Faster, More Stable Connection

If your yard isn’t a large one, or your garden is close to the main building, it might seem like the Wi-Fi works but with two or three bars. This means the connection is unstable and almost out of range, and subsequently, the internet connection will have fluctuations and might even suddenly disconnect. An outdoor router will ensure a fast and stable connection with no extra load on the network.

Outdoor service will be here for a while!

While people are eager to get out of the house again and have a fun time socialising with their friends in a garden café, they definitely won’t stay long if they can’t check their phones or emails, or in some cases, connect to their favourite video game servers.

It’s not just cafes that will enjoy a better connection; even golf courses or theatres need their dedicated router.

Stay Connected in your large property or farm

Nowadays, even farms and henhouses have been upgraded with modern technology, from climate control systems to animal monitoring devices. These devices need to be connected to the central system in an emergency or accident. Even some security cameras are now Wi-Fi-powered, so having a fast and stable network across your property can help you keep an eye on your property from anywhere.