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Unbreakable glass floors for your home or yard

While it may be difficult to shatter a glass ceiling, you can rest assured it’s impossible to break our tampered glass floors. With the introduction of so many new design elements in modern homes, glass floors are the perfect luxury item to help you set apart a particular room from the rest.

available Bespoke Features:

  • coloured inner layers
  • scratch-resistant finish
  • anti-slip attachment for glass steps
  • various levels of clarity and light-resistance

What is walk-on glass?

The technology for tampering with glass has evolved to a point where you can walk on an impossibly thin layer of glass without having to worry about the consequences. The glass is so formidable that it can be incorporated into designs for glass stairs and even glass floors. In some other cases, the glass can be installed in the middle of a room to showcase an aquarium or any other collectable you wish to showcase in a fit of extravaganza.

Walk-on glass is highly customisable and can be used for many different applications in home design. You can:

  • Install glass steps for your balcony
  • Use walk-on glass to create a ledge above your pool
  • Allow more natural light into your house
  • change how a room looks by incorporating coloured glass
  • decorate your living room or hallway

How does walk-on glass replace an entire floor?

On more minor scales, walk-on glass is installed as a single panel, covering a small area or for use as stairs. But if you want an entire floor of walk-on glass, the panels must be joined together. To support the meetings, a minimal steel structure is used, where resin is usually the go-to option to insulate the joining panels. Installing an entire floor made out of walk-on glass may have long-term consequences. Still, HomeReps technicians will inform you about any possible issues and how to avoid unnecessary damage to the panel.

More glass means more light, but less durability

when choosing between different types of glass for your project, remember that the glasswork that seems more clear have less iron in their mix, which weakens their structure. Therefore, while clear walk-on glass is more pleasing aesthetically, its durability must be questioned for areas with high foot traffic.

If you want to use walk-on glass for a sunroof, ensure passengers overlook the area above.

All our walk-on glasswork projects have a ten-year guarantee and customer support

HomeReps and its team of glasswork experts have successfully installed and maintained many bespoke walk-on glass projects in London. Maintaining a bespoke structure with a new technician who does not have the data from the installation can cause a headache for the technician or cause mistakes in their maintenance. That is why we offer long-term maintenance and customer support services for our bespoke walk-on glass projects in London. The intricacies of a particular project and the client’s requests make the renovations nearly impossible for less experienced contractors.

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