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Reasons you should think about vinyl flooring installation in London

  • They are popular for a reason:Vinyl flooring installation is probably the most simple among all available flooring options. This easy installation coupled with the low prices makes it one of the most used flooring options in the UK. While they are not a replacement for hardwood flooring, they are more resistant to abrasions and exposure to chemicals, and there is not a lot of effort required to maintain and clean them.
  • Unbelievable price range:the lost costs of maintenance are a huge saving point, as maintaining a polished look for hardwood flooring can cost a fortune in itself. If you think the area is too humid for regular flooring options like carpets, you should choose vinyl flooring. They are impervious to water and can even be used for outdoor resting areas near pools.
  • Vinyl flooring is invincible:the good thing about plastic is its nearly indestructible in-home use. While extreme heat can harm the vinyl flooring and make it bubble or even cause discolouration, the most damaging factors that could ruin hardwood floors are ineffective against vinyl flooring. That’s why we recommend it to clients who have small children or pets.

If you want to have affordable flooring that can easily be replaced when damaged, call HomeReps and contact our floor fitting team. We have a long list of vinyl models and types to choose from, and the installation could be done on the same day. Vinyl floor installation is one of our most requested services, and that guarantees our experience in handling vinyl flooring for the home or office installations.

Is vinyl the same as lino?

Vinyl and Lino are two different types of floor covering, although they may seem similar in concept since they are both synthetic. The difference is Linoleum is made out of lipoxin and a mix of components like cork dust or stone dust to help it take form. It’s a greener option compared to vinyl, and it can be 100% recycled. In addition, it provides all the benefits like moisture resistance and is hard to scratch off. If you don’t want your pets swallowing vinyl by accident, lino is the next best option.

What kinds of Subfloor preparation is needed before vinyl floor installation?

  • If you are installing the vinyl flooring on top of a wooden floor, or a sub-floor, you need a layer to properly connect the two, and avoid slipping.
  • If the base is concrete, all you need to do is clean it, and if it’s not level, sand it down or use another method to balance the surface. Other than that, there are no requirements for installing a lino on a concrete floor.
  • Any other flooring types need to be removed before the installation of vinyl flooring, as the extra layers might make the floor unstable.

HomeReps professional flooring team is here to help you install any type of vinyl flooring in your living room, kitchen, bathroom or even exterior yard. Give us a call and find out how much it would cost, and what deals we can offer you.