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uPVC sash windows fitting and repair in London

Traditional charm for your modern house

Anybody who has watched class cartoons knows just how beautiful sash windows are. Whether you want to cool off the pie you just baked or smash it on an intruder’s hand, sash windows are a functional form of windows especially favourable for kitchens. While older models are made out of timber, which has its own weaknesses and durability issues, modern Sash windows are available in different materials. One of the most popular materials for sash windows because of its durability and looks is uPVC sash windows.

At HomeReps, you can find the best uPVC sash windows fitting and repair services in London, with professional fitters who have experience installing sash windows all across London and in various types of properties. Sliding sash windows can be fitted on almost every exterior design layout and don’t require many adjustments for installation.

  • Practicality

    Sash windows are efficient for air circulation and can be shut and closed quickly. They can be adjusted to control the airflow and be locked in place after adjustment if you want to keep the window open and prevent it from sliding down by accident.

  • Durability

    The durability of uPVC has been proven once and again, in both standardised tests and by everyday experience. Additionally, because of their design which supports the weight of the window with more balance, its structure will last longer than windows with hinges. Sash windows last considerably longer than regular uPVC windows and can be still serviced for more than twenty years.

  • Reduced noise and air pollution.

    Sash windows can be sealed more efficiently than regular windows, and if they are equipped with soundproof glasses, they can fully insulate your home from the outside world when you close them. With unique double glazing glasses, you can also have better thermal insulation, which will do wonders in terms of energy efficiency.

What is the sash part of the window?

The sash is the moving part of the window, but it can be completely sealed shut, and the movability doesn’t affect its insulation. The belt is installed on the railing inside the frame, with rubber edges that help fill it shut when it’s closed. If this seal is damaged, the integrity of the insulation is compromised. But don’t worry, changing the seal on uPVC sash windows is part of the services available by HomeReps as part of our uPVC Sash windows fitting and repair plan.

There is no need to reseal the windows and doors in some minor cases, and a small addition of adhesive is enough to repair the issues fully. In more severe cases, where the lining has been damaged in several parts, it will be removed and replaced entirely for optimal insulation.

How does a sash window work?

Sash windows have different variations. For example, a sash window with two sliding parts needs another mechanism to remain open, where a spiral balance system keeps the window open. In older timber models, a metal spring or sash wire and a collection of counterweights were used to achieve the same results. uPVC windows can be fitted with either mechanism if requested by the client.

uPVC Sash Windows Advantages

despite their classic appearance, uPVC sash windows are highly advanced in design and construction, with different options available in a specific model. Some sash windows can be tilted forward for cleaning, while others have a spiral balance mechanism to keep the window open using simple physics.

uPVC windows last longer than timber or even metal, don’t need painting and cannot be discoloured like timber, and are not vulnerable to changes in temperature or humidity like metallic windows. Their maintenance is relatively simple, and there is no need for complicated cleaning rituals or special detergents.

  • Affordable yet classy
  • Available with smaller borders and more excellent glass to frame ratio
  • Available in different designs, even wood grain, nearly identical to timber.

Innovative, smooth running mechanisms

As mentioned, there are two common mechanisms used for sliding sash windows. Most prefer the new modern spiral balance design because of its better function and durability, while some old-school design lovers still prefer the old mechanism with weights and sash cords. If you choose the classic mechanism, our technicians can optimise the device for a smoother function that can even rival modern windows.

Replacing Sash Windows in Conservation Areas and Listed Buildings

Suppose your house or office is a listed building marked for cultural preservation or located in a conservation area. In that case, it may be impossible for you to replace or even repair the windows in some instances. If you cannot acquire permission to repair your sash windows, other measures can be taken to improve the function of the window or the thermal insulation in your property. Double glazing is an excellent option for upgrading old sash windows glasses, but even replacing the glass needs permission if you live in a listed building.

Highest Quality Sash Window Installations with HomeReps

Installing sash windows can be a demanding task if there are infrastructural difficulties. However, HomeReps fitters can improvise the best solutions for seemingly hopeless cases. The satisfaction of our previous clients showcases the quality of our installations.

  • Professional Service

    A less than perfect installation of sash windows can reduce the efficiency of the thermal and sound insulation and can even cause long term damage to the structure of your house or window frames. Our fitters can accommodate all of these issues in advance as our token of professionalism.

  • Adaptable services

    We can be adaptable in both payment terms and construction schedules. If you have a specific time for construction in mind, which works best for you, we can adapt our schedule to deliver the work in your preferred time frame. We also have available payment plans for uPVC sash windows and other services. Contact our office to learn more about these plans.

  • Bespoke sash windows

    Sash windows are highly customisable, and while most firms don’t bother with minor customisation requests or accept the offer but deliver something different, HomeReps staff are great listeners. When it comes to bespoke sash windows, we won’t deny your request if the design is reasonable and applicable.