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We supply and fit UPVC Windows and Doors

metal windows and doors are susceptible to rusting and electrocution, especially if a lightning strike hits your windows. The Wooden solution isn’t much better off, as they are prone to termite and other bugs, not to mention their vulnerability against water.

No matter how old your doors and windows have gotten or their type, UPVC Casement windows fitting is an optimal replacement option. These windows and doors support double glazed and triple glazed glasses, which helps with insulation and energy saving during winter and summer.

UPVC does not bend or break like wooden or metal, which means its glass fittings will remain seamless in the long term and are not exposed to heat or fluctuations in temperature. In addition, UPVC does not crack up like wood, further proving it as a better option for door and window casements.

Upgrading to UPVC windows is advantageous in many aspects, and the top among them would be its security benefits. UPVC windows and doors aren’t picked easily and are safer for that reason. You don’t have to worry about UPVC casements in the event of a fire either, unlike wooden doors and windows, which are only fuel to the flame in domestic fire incidents.

Repairing uPVC casement windows

do you already have uPVC windows and wonder if they can be fixed before attempting to replace them? Is the casement damaged, or is it just the glass that has been damaged?

These are all questions we’ll ask when you call us for a repair operation on your uPVC equipment. Replacing the glass is a much simpler job while removing the old windows casement and installing a new one would cost much more. If the casements can be repaired, our fitter will let you know about the costs and material required to complete the repairs. However, some cases are beyond help, and the only possible solution is to remove the casement and the windows.

But that is not a common predicament, as most uPVC windows can be repaired without much hassle.

some of these repairable issues include:

  • Locks and knobs or hinges and railings

    one of the most accessible and most commonly reported issues with uPVC windows is a broken handle or a derailed glass partition. Dealing with a broken window handle can be pretty frustrating, and it is also a risk for your home’s security. Broken or exposed handles can be manipulated easily and used to open the door or window. Replacing these components is easy and very cheap. If the handle or lock is broken, there is no need to replace a uPVC window or door. We offer locksmith services for all types of doors and even windows.

  • Sealing issues and insulation flaws

    uPVC windows and doors are an excellent option for insulating your home and increasing energy efficiency, but wear and tear may affect their functionality. If there are any water droplets between the glazed glass layers, the interlayer may have been damaged, allowing moisture to condense between the glass layers. In such cases, the window or door can be resealed easily using the same plastic resin liquid that has been used as adhesive in the glazing process.

There is no need to reseal the windows and doors in some minor cases, and a small addition of adhesive is enough to repair the issues fully. In more severe cases, where the lining has been damaged in several parts, it will be removed and replaced entirely for optimal insulation.

Benefits of uPVC casement windows

  • Resilience

    uPVC is considered one of the most durable door and windows construction materials, as it can withstand substantial impact and extreme weather, something that London homes are often experiencing. they don’t have the issues shared with metal and wood casements, such as termite and composting, rusting and vulnerability to electrical charges. uPVC is resistant to long-term exposure to the sun, and there is no need to worry about discolouration.

    If you live near a port and your doors and windows are damaged by salt and saltwater, uPVC is the perfect replacement option.

  • Energy-efficient properties

    As discussed, uPVC windows and doors have many advantages over metallic windows, but their prime is their lack of conductivity for heat. it’s also a great sealant, as plastic is woven more tightly together than metal, allowing for no airflow, which can be a horrible waste of energy in both winter and summer. uPVC fittings, if installed correctly, can insulate your home for good.

  • Air passage and circulation

    if your existing windows casements are significant, but the windows themselves are small, you may experience poor airflow, especially if you want to save more electricity during the summer. uPVC casements for doors and windows alike can be opened wide and create a substantial air passage.

  • Soundproof

    London may suffer from one of the worst cases of air pollution in Europe, and classic windows and door casements aren’t enough to deal with the excessive auditory input anymore. uPVC is an excellent insulator in itself, as we discussed, and you can combine them with acoustic glass or soundproof glasses for your home studio, office or bedroom.

Why HomeReps?

  • arsenal of uPVC designs

    our catalogue for uPVC designs and installations include an extensive collection of windows, including different casement options, bay windows and Velux windows. You may have a hard time choosing between so many different options.

  • Great Maintenance Deals

    Choosing HomeReps will have its advantages for future maintenance, as we offer discounts for previously installed windows and doors, including repainting the windows.

  • Secure unlike any other

    We install all our casements with security in mind. Also, we offer secondary security options for windows and door installation, such as an integrated internal security system fully compatible with uPVC installations. Our casements can even be reinforced with a hidden layer of steel framing. This upgrade will make them practically impenetrable for intruders and burglars and provide protection in the event of an earthquake or storm.