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TV Wall Mounting Services in HomeReps London

One of the reasons flat-screen TVs are popular is because they can be easily mounted on the walls or even the ceiling. But mounting a large TV on an unstable wall can pose risks for both the TV and the occupants, as the TV could fall on passengers. Proper installation of a wall-mounted TV is one of the common services provided by HomeReps.

One of the most challenging parts of the installation process is fitting the wall bracket, which can be pretty tricky to install in the right spot. The wall should also be stable enough to support the installation of the bracket and the TV set.

Hiring a handyperson is much easier than taking care of all the processes yourself, so you can sit back and relax watching TV from the sofa.

The installation won’t take long by professionals, whereas you may struggle to mount the TV for a few days.

What is included in TV wall installation?

  • Installing the bracket of the TV, which should be supplied by the client
  • Concealing the cables using preferred cover
  • Connecting the TV to other appliances using cable or Wi-Fi
  • Observation of home electrical safety protocols
  • Testing the stability of the mounted TV and the bracket

TV installation Service in London by our Experts in HomeReps

  • We have experienced technicians

    Mounting the device perfectly level and not ruining the wall behind the TV during the installation of the supporting bracket is no easy task. In addition, only a professional can tell whether a wall will support the weight with just a look. Our handymen have more than the required experience for such installations and can quickly tell you which division is the best for mounting the TV if your preferred wall cannot support the structure.

  • You don’t need to buy any equipment

    Installing a bracket will definitely need a heavy-duty drill and a few other construction tools that may not be in your toolbox. Drilling through cement with regular drills available for home use is not recommended since it can damage the exercise.

  • Get a free consultation

    If you still haven’t purchased a TV set but are eager to buy one that can be mounted on your living room or bedroom wall, contact HomeReps handymen for advice. Our experts are familiar with the most popular brands and models or can offer you an alternative model that you may not have heard about before.

  • Online Booking is the best

    If you don’t want to make a call or have trouble with phone calls because of a disability, our handyman services and TV wall mounting services can be booked online for maximum comfort. You can even see the profile of the handyman and their experience and field of work.

Contact HomeReps handypersons for TV wall mounting services and a wide range of other residential repair and installation services. Our staff are available all week and can provide on-site services anywhere in London.