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Toughened glass installation in London

What is toughened glass?

Toughened glass is essentially two layers of glass bonded together with a plastic sublayer to hold them together. Toughened glass can withstand direct impact and sustain more pressure while also being more impervious to heat and temperature fluctuations. The combination of aesthetic superiority and its durability has turned into a popular construction material in a lot of modern projects since it has a wide range of applications for indoor and outdoor construction.

While toughened glass costs more than regular glass, understanding the fortification process will shed light on the reasons behind this difference, as the material used for glass tampering is more expensive than the glass itself.

It has proven to be a durable alternative for plastic and metal panels in many different settings. Its advantage over these options is the transparency since it allows for the utilisation of natural light in your dimly lit rooms. In addition, it has been the cause of far less severe injuries than other alternatives.

Application of toughened glass

Toughened glass is used in many residential and commercial settings

  • anti-theft protective layer for shop windows and showcases

  • Staircase Balustrades and railing panels

  • shower and bathroom screens or partitions

  • transparent shelving designs

  • for tabletop and chairs or benches

  • splashbacks for kitchen and bathrooms

Customised toughened laminated glass

toughened laminated glass can be cut in any size or even geometric shapes. While some simple conditions are easier to build and cost more miniature, more complex designs will take longer to customise and install. At the same time, the customisation fee and installation payment will be higher than more straightforward requests.

The point is, no matter where you want to install toughened and laminated glass, HomeReps professionals can build and fit the perfect panel for you.

Benefits of using toughened glass

  • strong structural integrity

  • resistant against rapid temperature changes

  • higher capacity for heat insulation

  • safer in unavoidable impacts and extreme accidents, as it does not shatter

  • lightweight and ideal for high-altitude construction

How are toughened glass and laminated glass different?

Essentially, there is no difference between how ordinary glass and toughened glass are formed. The fundamental difference between the two is the process that the glass is subjected to for fortification. Two layers of 3 mm glass are bonded together using a resin derivative or PVB interlayer, which will hold the two layers together even if both are completely broken. That’ how toughened laminated glass does not shatter, and in the worst-case scenario, simply breaks apart.

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anyone who knows what toughened glass is and can understand the difference between the available options in the market will recommend laminated glass for home design projects in London. Using glass in your façade is no longer a liability, and you can rest easy through stormy days knowing that a toughened glass structure can take much more punishment than that.