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Residential tiling services in London

ceramic and mosaic tiles are popular floor covering solutions in the UK. Their affordability and functionality have kept them as one of the kitchens and bathroom design elements to this day.

Many home redesign projects still opt for tiling in their kitchen and bathroom since they are so easy to clean and don’t need much maintenance compared to the other flooring solution.

HomeReps provides tiling services for residential buildings all over London, with a ton of options concerning design, size and installation. We have different methods for tiling installation, each tailored for a specific location and based on the installation requirements of the tiling model in question.

There are specific tile models and designs that cannot be installed in certain settings, so make sure you consult with a bathroom and kitchen refurbishment expert before purchasing tiling packages that may be incompatible with your home.

Our fitter has experience with all different tiling applications in home settings, either floor or wall. some of these applications include:

  • kitchen wall and floor
  • Splashbacks
  • pools and small decorative ponds
  • Bathroom and toilet floor and walls and roof
  • exterior design and building façade
  • sauna and jocose
  • living room sub-floor heating system

Commercial tilers

business can benefit from high-quality commercial tiling installation services offered by our team of tile workers, available all week anywhere in London. Our staff are experienced in providing commercial repairs and replacement services. Therefore, you can expect the least amount of interference from our operations in your workplace. Suppose the nature of your office and your business activities do not allow for any interference by construction operations during office hours. In that case, we can coordinate our services to start after the end of office hours to avoid any confusion in your workplace.

Our commercial services are completed with more urgency compared to less-demanding residential tasks, and you can expect project delivery at the agreed deadline.

Types of tiles you can choose from

  • Slate
  • Glass
  • Natural stone
  • Marble
  • Vinyl
  • Mosaic
  • Victorian
  • Porcelain
  • Ceramic

Bathroom Tiling Services in London

The bathroom is an essential segment of the house, and faulty bathroom appliances could potentially endanger your hygiene, or worse, your life. Here at Homereps, we have the best bathroom fitting plans available at a reasonable price.

Our bathroom fitters can refit your bathroom units and floors, or if you’re looking to have a second bathroom in your house, they can transform a bedroom or a storage room into a bathroom that looks authentic.

For a flawless bathroom fitting experience, our Homereps London representatives will consider not just the measurements of the room for fitting. They will also consider your usage of the fixtures and other factors that an inexperienced bathroom fitting contractor may not know about.

Kitchen tiling in London

  • a sensational kitchen design includes attention to minor details. One of the critical decisions in planning a kitchen renovation is choosing floor and wall covering. You can go with an all-tiling look for the floor and walls, which will drastically improve the cleaning process in the kitchen. Another advantage worthy of mention in all-tile kitchen layouts is the conformity of the patterns and their interaction with other design elements.
  • If you don’t want your walls entirely covered with tiles, you can choose to have the lower segment of the kitchen walls covered with tiles, which will effectively protect the lower part of the wall from moisture.
  • For kitchen floors, the tiles must be of a non-slip variety, where the surface of the tile is roughened intentionally and creates friction, so you don’t trip every time the kitchen floor gets wet. This variation is also sturdier as it needs to withstand the weight of appliances and occupants.

HomeReps sends quick and efficient tilers at your service

  • You don’t have to buy tools and equipment

    a professional tiler will handle all aspects of the process if you do not want to be concerned with the details of the projects. But suppose you are interested in keeping an eye on the tiling operation and adding some insight in customising the layout based on your own use and preferences. In that case, our contractors are more than happy to discuss all the details of their plans and the specifications of the tiles as well.

    The contractor will supply all necessary equipment and material, including the tiles, cutting and grouting instruments and adhesives and any other tool required for the perfect installation of tiles on your kitchen floor or wall.

  • We are accessible to consultation

    as we said, our expert tilers are available for consultation regarding the details of the project, whether you want to learn more about different types of tiling, or choose new designs or find a specific colour. We can even offer different variations of tile adhesives for other locations and purposes.

  • Our experts are detailed concerned

    we provide surgical precision in all our projects in London, as it is the best form of advertisement for future projects. We are not interested in wasting your time and ours with unnecessary maintenance visits that are frequently happening as a result of the unprofessional delivery of the project. Once our contractors deem the project final, no further steps or visits are required to optimise the installation.

    Our contractors can assist you in every step of the project or undertake specific tasks themselves. Some of the more critical choices in the project need your supervision, such as the tile model and tile design choice. Other steps like choosing the proper adhesive or fixing a relevant issue because of flaws in the building structure can be resolved with only your permission and no need for further project supervision.

    If you’re looking for tiling services in the London area, contact us at HomeReps to give you more information.