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SplashBack installation London

keeping the kitchen clean is a priority in a household, as it affects the health and mood of the family. But cooking and dishwashing can get a bit splashy at times, especially if you’re in a hurry. You don’t want to stain your expensive wallpaper or wooden cabinet with food and dirty water. If you are tired of cleaning your bathroom wall or behind the kitchen stove with difficulty, it’s time to install a splashback in your kitchen or bathroom for easier maintenance.

What is a splashback?

The splashback is, in principle, a layer of protective glass installed behind the gas stove and sink to keep moisture and any debris from splashing on the wall. Home Reps glassworkers use toughened glass as glass splashbacks are easier to clean, more fun to customise, and a fashion trend. If splashes from the stove or sink have already stained a part of your kitchen wall, a splashback can cover it up and be a decorative addition all by itself.

Toughened glass could withstand heat for an extended period, which would be a problem if the layer was made of plastic. You can choose a reflective splashback design; it can bring a new shine to your kitchen and add up to the glow of the dining area. The exterior layer is designed for easy cleaning, and it can help you keep your kitchen breathtakingly shiny.

Important note: a splashback must be at least ten centimetres away from the stove or gas hub. Despite being made out of toughened glass, the protective glossy layer is still sensitive to heat, and exposure could lead to its discolouration and flaking.

Glass Splashbacks for Kitchens & Bathrooms

bespoke splashbacks are one of our specialities for kitchen design and a highly recommended option for a kitchen renovation or restoration projects. The glass can be in a range of available hues and shades or be entirely reflective, like a mirror behind your stove and gas hub or bathroom sink. Mirrored glass splashbacks have grown quite popular in modern interior design, and they can make a small kitchen or bathroom look much more spacious.

Bathroom walls are a great candidate for glass splashback installation. Besides the noticeable visual and aesthetic boost, it can prevent moisture from damaging the bathroom walls. The same toughened glass mirror type used for kitchen refurbishing can be used in the bathroom.

Splashback installation and fitting

the measurement and fitting process for splashback installation is relatively simple, and if there are no design specifications from the client, the process can be wrapped up rather quickly. The splashback can be designed with openings for natural gas tubes, electrical outlets or water taps.

The splashback size determines whether you need a single large panel or the target location has varying diameters; the panels can be shaped to fit the wall perfectly. If the panels aren’t large enough to cover the whole wall, they can be joined together for a perfect match.

Why Choose a Glass Splashback?

We noted before that glass splashbacks are easier to clean, more durable and easier to install. Metallic alternatives are available for certain areas, but a glass splashback will be best for most home settings and kitchens or bathrooms. In addition, glass splashbacks are more affordable than total metal panels, and the installation service fee is lower.

In comparison, tiles are less durable than glass splashbacks; cleaning them is more complex, and they can easily shatter under impact. In addition, tiles cannot be fitted in uneven locations. You cannot cut a tile to match your measurement specifications. Mosaic is not very easy to reshape, and most efforts can lead to tile shattering either during fitting or in the first few months of use.

What type of splashback should you choose?

Since different hues and tints are available for glass splashbacks, the type of material you choose does not affect the visual design process. It can be matched with almost any wall design and kitchen and bathroom appliance styles. In addition, tinted splashbacks don’t have to be cleaned like transparent splashbacks.

Another question with splashback is the type of toughened glass, as we have double and triple glazed glass available for splashback construction, which offers more durability and better thermal insulation. Certain types provide better protection against impact or heat. You can ask our technicians when your inquiry about the list of available options and their prices.

You probably have more questions about splashback and installation; you can call Home Reps for more information.