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A shower pan can be a new fine addition to your bathroom collection

A new show pan can be one of your new bathroom fixtures in your remodeling project. Although before buying the new shower, make sure it fits with your bathroom setup and your current drain line. In addition, some plumbing limitations in your bathroom may prevent you from installing certain models, so make sure you know what you’re buying will be suitable for your bathroom. shower installs can be a tough job to take on if the shower isn’t compatible with the existing plumbing system.

Another noteworthy point in installing a shower to replace a bathtub is the difference between the drainpipe size, most showers have a 2 inches wide pipe, while bathtubs are connected to 1 ½ inches pipes. If you use it for the new shower you could cause an overflow. In such cases, the pipe should be made wider. You will have to consider more details like this for a successful shower installation.

For example, electric showers don’t require a hot water valve, as they heat up the water themselves. This means if you’re buying a new electric shower, you may have to seal the hot water pipe. This is the easy scenario, things get more complicated if you have to replace a normal shower with an electric one, which means you are forced to pay for extra plumbing for hot water input.

How to choose the best Shower
place in your bathroom?

Most people go for a prefab shower when remodeling their bathroom, or replacing their shower. Prefabricated showers were once deemed low-quality options, however today they come in a variety of shapes and materials such as acrylic kits. You also have the option of a custom shower design. You just need to find the right contractor to install it for you. Of course, the size and price of the shower are a factor that cannot be ignored, so if you’re looking to have a new shower installed on a budget, prefab showers are a better option.

Once you choose your shower type, it’s time to get the measurements of your bathroom and go shopping. There are a lot of models out there ranging from wall kits to electric showers and etc. each of these shower types has its own specific method for installation, and it’s not easy for a novice plumber to learn to install showers with electric stations. So contact a professional contractor, who can undertake your plumbing and electrical works and install your new electric showers.

What will it cost to install a new shower?

Showers have different price ranges, and the service fee for their installation is calculated according to that price, and other factors like where the shower will be installed. This cost also includes the cost of removing the old shower set and handling any repairs necessary before a shower installation. Contact home reps now to find out how much it will cost to install a new shower.