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Are you Ready to Invest in Your Safety?

HomeReps Offers Security Lighting Installation Services and Maintenance

Have there been a string of burglaries in your neighbourhood recently? Are your children scared of the dark on their walk home? or your garden or yard is too big to be lit with the entrance door.

Exterior lighting can be fitted to focus on specific areas of interest for your home’s security, the same way that leaving the lights on means someone is in the house. They are used to repel wandering burglars.

Security lighting fixtures can be decorative as well, with the right consulting engineer and a perfect finish by a professional electrician, all provided by HomeReps. We can install all types and designs of security lighting systems, and our services are available for hire if you have your own bespoke designs.

If you have security cameras installed around the perimeter or want to illuminate entries and other areas around the house, installing bespoke security lights rather than normal lights is highly recommended.

HomeReps electricians can install bespoke security lighting systems for shops and homes and other properties in London, guaranteeing their safety and durability. If your property is located in a darker neighbourhood with fewer street lights, installing security lighting is the best way to make the house feel safer.

Security Lighting Maintenance Services

Security lights must be subjected to routine maintenance if you want them to be effective. Malfunctioning security lighting does not really serve the purpose of providing security to your property and makes it look abandoned, something that would attract burglars.

If your security lighting is flickering or some of the fixtures don’t work anymore, call HomeReps for security lighting services; one of our electricians will be with you shortly to assess and handle the situation

Some of our most common security lighting services include:

Some of our most common security lighting services include:

  • Permanent security lighting
  • Infrared sensor fitting for outdoor area and indoors
  • Motion-activated security lighting
  • Bespoke security lighting of any type and customisation of security lighting fixtures
  • Interior security lighting installation and maintenance
  • Parking or garage security lighting services
  • Testing and certification of security lighting systems by registered electricians
  • Security lighting repair and maintenance

Locate the best spot for installing security lighting

As the name suggests, security lights should be used to reduce crimes and risky attempts. And because of that, it is important to find the best location for installation. First, you, as someone who knows and lives in the area, should consider the darkest spot around your house during the night. Find the spots that would intruders go, like spaces around bushes or the backside of your home. Then our staff check the area and install a light that floods the whole area. Modern security lights have more features and technology like motion detectors and animal detectors to reduce fake alarms and notifications.

Find the best deals for security lighting installation

HomeReps security consultants recommend installing closed-circuit monitoring systems with security lighting installation for maximum safety. we offer excellent deals for a combo purchase of security lighting and CCTV systems, with long-term service and maintenance discount.

You can improve your home safety even further by installing an integrated security system as well to ideally monitor the safety of your home. But even if you don’t want to spend too much on security, security lighting is still an excellent decorative choice, especially if you’re going to highlight specific areas of the house or sculptures and fixtures at night.

If you want to find out more about the cost of installing security lighting for your home, book a survey visit to get a relative estimate of fees and other details of the project. We can suggest available models that can be adapted to your house or shop and install the security lighting on the same day if the components are available.

We guarantee high-quality services in London. We can help you keep your home always safe with our security lighting services in London. At HomeReps, we are dedicated to providing high-quality electrical services to landlords and homeowners. Besides the safety, we also provide you with a sense of peace knowing that your property and outside area is completely lit and discourage all risks and unsafety.

Remember that our job is your comfort and peace of mind, so whenever you think you need an upgrade for your house security, call us and speak with our expert staff. Our staff have the knowledge and skill with proved certifications and training sessions.