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Radiator Installation and Repair

Radiator installation requires the services of a licensed contractor. His or her expertise covers everything from disconnecting wiring and pipes, removing the old radiator, installing the new unit, to reconnecting the wires, pipes, and gas or oil lines, if applicable.

If replacement of existing wiring, pipes, or valves is needed, the contractor should have the credentials to address the installation process from beginning to end including any unforeseen problems.

It is recommended that if a new radiator is being installed that the existing boiler be inspected to ensure it is up to the task of handling a newer and possibly more efficient radiator system. Here are the four types of home radiator heaters.

  • Baseboard Radiators
  • Cast Iron Radiators
  • Column Radiators
  • Panel Radiators

Protect your property with hassle-free radiator repair in London

It takes too long for the radiators to heat up? If you are not familiar with the central heating jargon, thousands of components, or can’t figure out what is wrong with your radiator, save yourself a fortune by calling a certified radiator expert.

Our fully equipped technicians will make an in-depth check, diagnose, and repair any radiator fault accurately and quickly. Finally, they will run all the tests to ensure that your radiators are working at full capacity. Best of all: the radiator repair team are locally based and ready to respond to any emergency on the same- or next- day (if available).

Here is a shortlist of common radiator problems we cover:

  • Removing sludge, debris and rust with radiator power flush to ensure your system works much better;
  • Bleeding radiators in case of air build-up and cold spots;
  • Thermostatic Radiator Valve repair if it’s leaky, non-working, or the knob has stuck on a certain position;
  • Diagnosing and fixing radiator leaks before significant damage occurs;
  • Dealing with loose, wobbling radiator or re-hanging a radiator that comes off the wall;
  • Balancing radiators to even out the heating distribution;
  • Diagnosing the reasons for loud, whistling, or gurgling radiator sounds, etc.

Radiator servicing vs. radiator replacement

Figuring out when to replace or service your radiators can be tough because of the high initial costs of installing a new radiator. If you are in a dilemma, consider your radiator’s age first. But no matter how old it is, if your heater becomes less efficient, failures are frequent, or there are cracks in the radiator body, you need a radiator replacement service.

Well, you can solve minor and accidental faults with radiator repair rather than changing your unit. You can count on us and schedule radiator maintenance to protect your heating against preventable damages. As a result, it pays off with fewer breakdowns, radiators longer lifetime, and high efficiency, so you can save the hassle and costs of early replacement.

Important note: Compromised heating system hides the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. This is why we recommend installing a carbon monoxide alarm and entrusting an integrated boiler and radiator service to a Gas Safe registered engineer each year.

Radiator and Boiler Maintenance

Keep your radiator and boiler system in good working order with periodic visual checks for leaks or malfunctions of the unit such as crimped or clogged lines.

For a more in-depth maintenance check, hire a professional and certified contractor to run an annual check on the entire system. This will include inspecting for leaks, corrosion on lines, faulty valves, thermostat check, gas or oil lines, lubricating specific parts, if needed, and checking the electrical wiring.

Homeowners have many options when it comes to heating and if your choice is to keep your radiator maintained, repaired, and in good working order, you can expect energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness to offset potential repair and installation costs. The cost of radiator repair and installation is paid back many times over with a properly running radiator that will provide ample warmth for years to come as long as it is serviced and maintained annually.