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Are you looking for affordable plumbing services in London?

Plumbing issues can turn your house into an unhygienic and unsanitary place to live, and if you neglect the problem it might damage your home in the long term if there are any leaks in your concealed plumbing in the bathroom and kitchen.

HomeReps plumbers in London have every tool that’s required in their toolbox and have the experience to use every one of them effectively. Certain plumbing issues cannot be repaired without special tools, otherwise, the repair process is incomplete and unsafe.

Plumbing repair and maintenance for kitchens and bathrooms

Maintaining a clean kitchen is impossible with plumbing issues like sink leaks or water faucet malfunctions. As for installing appliances that need plumbing adjustments, a DIY job usually ends up with messy results or even damage to the appliance or plumbing infrastructure.

At HomeReps, our services for kitchen plumbing include but are not limited to:

  • Fixing leaking plumbing fixtures and water faucets
  • Installing appliances that require plumbing adjustments such as washing machines, dishwashers or sinks etc.
  • Identifying and repairing issues with pipes and other plumbing components
  • Installing new plumbing fixtures and extensions for pipe systems

Bathroom and kitchen plumbing services for homes and businesses in London

We are prepared and available for any emergency problems you have with your house plumbing system. Our services in HomeReps included:

  • Installing taps, sink and showers in bathroom and kitchen
  • Install and repair water pumps
  • Replacing broken pumps to better versions
  • Fixing broken showers and replacing the cartridges
  • Fixing the leaks and locating them
  • Pipework
  • Installing water filters
  • Repairing broken toilet flushes
  • Shower installation and repair

Reasons to Choose HomeReps as Local Plumbing service provider in London

  • We are available all days of the week, 24 hour

    If your plumbing system makes the worst holidays for you, there’s nothing to worry about. Instead of searching for a reliable and available plumber in London, you can rely on us in HomeReps. Our staff will be there as soon as possible and figure out how to fix your issue. They are experienced in common problems in houses with heating and plumbing.

  • High-quality services with affordable price

    Our plumbing services include different kinds of services as we mentioned above. We can fix your bathroom plumbing, kitchen, general pipework in your house and so on. All of these services we offer are at the best price that is completely affordable. We ensure to make an efficient and reasonable service for you.

  • Our plumbers are professional

    All of our tradesmen are experienced, trained engineers in the plumbing field. These qualities guarantee to deliver the best plumbing service in London and also ensure safety standards for you and your family. Our skilled specialist gives you the complete detail about the problem and gives you an estimation to schedule the time that is needed for fixing them.

  • We provide domestic and commercial plumbing services in London

    Commercial regulation and standards differ from domestic purposes. We at HomeReps provide an excellent level of quality in domestic and commercial plumbing services. All kinds of services included, whether it is a small issue to designing a plumbing system for the renovated house. Our skilled engineer will be there to execute the work quickly with guaranteed results.