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Plastering contractors in London

Plastering Walls and ceilings is a Skilled job that requires several steps and applications. After completing the first fix, you can’t leave walls in their natural way. You will be able to give them a new smooth, frim and strong shape to emphasise the beauty of your household.

At HomeReps, we have a dedicated plastering team with years of experience to help you in refurbishment and building projects.

Preparing walls for plastering

Our expert plasterers in HomeReps will promise to keep your applications and furniture protected from materials used during the plastering. They also give your comments and suggestion for preparing rooms before starting the project. You don’t have to think about other things, light fittings and sockets will be removed by our team.

It would be best if the room was cleared from any furniture but covered with plastic sheets if it is not possible. Carpets and floor will be covered too.

When the plastering is done:

The plastered wall needs time to completely dry, it may seem like drywall, but you should wait for the inner layers to be wholly done. Timing depends on the thickness of plaster, kind of surface, season and temperature and the current ventilation of the environment.

On average, newly plastered walls take two or three days to dry thoroughly.

Our Plastering Services in HomeReps:

  • Repair and refurbishment

    If you completed the house rewiring or any refurbishment project, we could carry out all kinds of renovation plasterwork. It depends on your project; we give your house a facelift or wall skimming.

  • Plastering over textured surfaces

    Textured walls and ceilings were famous in the 80s; they called it Artex. It is no longer popular because of asbestos. Anyway, if you are still into artex, we can help you renovate or plaster over the textures surfaces.

  • Drylining

    Dry lining is the go-to choice for many property owners because it is made of plasterboard material that can be applied directly to the ceilings and walls. In addition, the plasterboard applied comes in various cuts, shapes and thicknesses.

  • Taping and jointing

    Taping and jointing is a technique that requires recovering sheets of plasterboards on walls and ceilings. Taping and jointing is a good alternative instead of a skim coat.

    Our staff in HomeReps can easily handle this kind of project with high qualifications in painting and decorating.

  • Rendering

    Rendering is plasterwork for the exterior walls of a building. This word is also used in architectural progress, but in plastering, it means shaping the walls and façade. Plaster and cement used as a mixture to give your walls a new smooth, textured surface

  • Suspended Walls and plastering

    Our team in HomeReps is made up of professional who knows about different types of plastering, including suspended plaster walls. Suspended walls are used for separating spaces in buildings. We can provide a neat plastered wall for your home.

We are experts in both renovation projects and New build one

Plastering Renovations in London

Our team in HomeReps are fully experienced in renovating houses. We worked on so many renovation projects in London where the walls and ceiling need a new plaster coating. A thin coat of plastering known as skimming would be a good choice for refurbishment and renovations.

Even if the surface is too old and damaged in several years, our team in the plastering section can quickly revive the walls via a combination of adhesive and fibre tape to apply to cracks and holes. After that, they use a layer of plaster to make it new.

In more extensive cases, we can also provide block walls to create a new surface that is level with other parts and then apply a thin layer of plaster.

Plastering for New Building

We also completed many projects for plaster working on a new building. Plasterworks could be started after the second fix as final touches simultaneously as indoor decorations. The modern architectural design required different methods and techniques of plastering that our team could finish with the best quality in London. New walls are usually built with stud walls which are covered in plasterboard before starting the skimming and rendering.

We can also provide a new plaster design for the ceiling and walls to make your house more desirable.

It depends on your project whether you’re going to use old methods of plastering or the modern one. If you feel the classic plasterwork is the right choice for your project, HomeReps is there for you, just like current projects.