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Hanging pictures and Mirrors with HomeReps

Are you looking to hang expensive paintings or mirrors and don’t want to ruin them during installation? Or perhaps your walls don’t have any prefab spots to hang the pictures yourself. Installing mirrors, especially if they are heavy, is very difficult.

HomeReps handymen can help with hanging pictures and mirrors anywhere in your home or even the exterior. We aren’t just talking about normal family pictures or self-portraits; our handyman services include the installation of breathtaking art pieces and paintings in your living room for display.

We provide the following services in this regard:

  • Hanging extra-large frames or heavy installations
  • Hanging pictures in stairwells or anywhere on the property
  • Managing picture compositions in galleries
  • Framing or hanging murals and scriptures or any other precious artefact
  • Installation of art pieces on ceilings
  • Hanging other decorative pieces like vinyl or sculptures

Professional Mirror installation in London

Hanging a picture in just the right spot and positioning it so it’s appropriately illuminated can make all the difference in displaying a piece of art. In addition, professionally hung pictures and paintings will remain on the wall for good, and you don’t have to worry about them falling off every now and then.

Our handymen use the best equipment in all process steps to make sure neither the walls, ceiling, or paintings are damaged. We guarantee our installations and any faults with the project can be followed up later via our customer support service.

We can hang any mirror in your home or office, even if the walls aren’t optimal

If the mirror is too heavy because of its frame or the hanging point isn’t practical for installation, our handyman professional will use a customised bracket to hang the mirror on your preferred wall. This bracket is designed to spread the mirror’s weight to several points, making it ideal for installation on less stable walls, ceilings, or any other surface.

Our experts can hang any mirror, including

  • Mirrors of any and all size and shapes
  • Mirrors with heavy frames
  • Illuminated mirrorwork
  • Antique or jewellery-decorated mirrors

Our handymen can also hang or install mirrors on marble or stone walls and ceilings.

Hanging Pictures and Mirrors by experts

Our projects are all insured, and the liability of any issues with the installation and damages to your property are all covered under the plan.

We are open to working with interior designers, galleries, and other art suppliers to install and maintain prized paintings and art installations. We can also advise on the layout of pictures and mirrors that the client has available and rearrange them based on our experience with similar projects.

Secure installation of expensive paintings or mirrors

If you are concerned about the safety of your favourite pieces, we can provide secure hanging and even install anti-burglary security systems for your home or gallery. Contact the HomeReps office today for an estimate of prices, available security systems and other details about the project.