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Outdoor Lighting Installation and Repair Services

Decorating your outdoor garden or yard with outdoor lighting fixtures that complement the architecture can bring a unique glamour to your home. It’s not just a superficial addition, as it can help in navigating your way at night and ward off any would-be intruders. It’s much more difficult to sneak into a well-lit garden.

HomeReps’ team of electricians are available for bespoke outdoor lighting projects for gardens or yards r any other building exterior area, with years of experience in the design and installation of outdoor lighting systems. If you are worried about the price of bespoke design and installation of outdoor lighting, HomeReps offers cost-efficient models and modest services fees for clients in London and Greater London area. Our offers are subject to change based on customer demand and fluctuations in the market, so call us for an exact estimate and a survey visit to get measurements and provide a rough estimate of the final cost of design and installation.

Our electricians are proficient in installing all standard outdoor lighting installations and layouts, in addition to customised circuits, lights and more complex outdoor lighting fixtures that require a separate consumer unit and are harder to install. Naturally, the difficulty of the installation plays a role in our final services bill, especially if the installation location is hard to access or is potentially hazardous.

Interested in outdoor lighting for your outdoor resting area or garden?

If you want to use your outdoor garden for reading on summer nights or just want to spend time with your family in the outdoor resting area at night, outdoor lighting is the ideal solution. With many different layouts, from simple illumination for emergency purposes to having a spotlight shining down on your garden at night, HomeReps fitters are available for any project in London. from consultation about design and technical specifications to maintenance and extensive repair or replacement.

Maintenance and Replacement Services for Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting installations are more exposed to weather conditions and wear and tear, and accidents.

If your outdoor lights have been smashed by a storm, or you experience frequent flickering when you power them on, call HomeReps for a survey visit, where our technicians identify existing issues in your outdoor lighting system. If the problem can be solved quickly, the repairs will be carried out on the same day. Moreover, if the lighting fixtures’ status is beyond repair, same-day replacement for multiple fixtures is possible. We can dispatch additional personnel if your lighting fixtures need extensive repair or replacement or your property is too large for one person to cover.

Outdoor lighting can provide extra security for your property at night

If you have bespoke garden sculptures or installations, you may be concerned about the safety of your property at night, especially if the outdoor garden is exposed in some areas. Oftentimes, proper lighting around the property is enough to repel any interested burglars from considering the property, since they are often equipped with security systems. Even if you don’t have a security system fitted in your garden area, outdoor lighting can act as a security measure.

HomeReps offer the installation of advanced outdoor security systems for outdoor areas as well. Visit the corresponding webpage for more information about the best home security systems in London.

Driveway lighting installation

Keeping your driveway visible at night can avoid terrible accidents. If you are looking for durable driveway lighting installation and driveway lighting maintenance and repair, HomeReps consulting designers can suggest appropriate models for your driveway based on the measurements of your driveway and any limitations imposed by the property.

Facade lighting installation in London

a building façade is the first thing any visitor notices and one of the most influential factors in price estimates and property sales. We offer quality exterior lighting and building façade lighting in London, and our services include design, installation and even replacement of old façade lighting systems.

For commercial buildings, the façade of the building should express their identity and be attractive for customers to be drawn to the building. At night, breathtaking lighting fixtures can be a beacon for customers, especially if you are running an around-the-clock business.

HomeReps commercial exterior design services are extended to more than lighting system installations and include installation of glass canopies, bespoke windows and much more.

Other Outdoor Installations for your garden or yard

If you want to charge your phone or laptop in the garden or move an entire TV set there, our electricians can install new sockets and outlets, and manage all the cabling and wiring in one go.