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Mounting Shelves & wall Storage installation in London

Use your space more efficiently

Are your books outnumbering you in your study room? Or perhaps your collectables are eating dust in the basement because you can’t just leave them on the floor. A new shelf can even be another addition to your room decorations and be fitted with more decorative items. Shelves can be easily customised and come in many different types and sizes.

If your clothes are taking over the sofa or want a TV on your bedroom wall, we recommend installing wall storage. Wall storage can be customised to your specifications to fit whatever purpose you have in mind. It can be used to store your gaming PC or even a guitar set or collection of clothing. You can order customised wall storage with shelves in them to display your shoes. The choice is yours; call HomeReps handypersons and rate a custom carpentry project to revitalise your bedroom or living room.

Shelves can be installed in your kitchen as well, as another decorative measure or for keeping cooking ingredients handy. If you want to mount a series of bespoke shelving, our carpentry professionals are available for projects all days of the week.

For any of your choices, we have a wide range of methods and techniques to provide services with the best quality.

Floating shelves installation in brief

If you want bespoke floating shelves in your kitchen or anywhere else in the house, the handyman must first verify whether the desired area can support the shelves. The ceiling and the floor must be sturdy enough to support the weight of the shelves and drilling. After verification, the handyman will measure the area and drill holes where the frames will be supported by the wall.

Our handyman experts can provide the following installation services for residential properties

  • Mounting shelves and wall storage
  • Fitting cabinetry
  • Wall mounting floating cabinetry
  • Mounting floating shelves
  • Removal of storage and cabinetry and replacement

If the installation area needs any repairs before mounting, the handyman can carry out the necessary repairs if no significant construction work is required. However, it may take some time after the repair before a cabinet or shelf can be mounted on the mounted on the area, especially if plasterwork is involved.

Please provide prior notice for mounting heavier cabinetry or shelving, as the project may need two handymen to handle the job.

Our handyman services for mounting shelves and wall storage is available for offices and other business as well. Although rates for commercial projects may vary.

Choose Our Time-saving Shelf Mounting Service in London

Installing wall mounted shelves by yourself can be tempting, but mounting them perfectly level needs more than enthusiasm. The handymen dispatched by the HomeReps office for such projects have professional experience in mounting such fixtures and know the tricks that help them mount them flawlessly.