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Misted Double Glazing fitting and repair

Why do my window units have condensation inside?

During the colder seasons, your double glazed windows can be vital to keeping your house warm and saving energy by preventing heat loss. However, if you see any water droplets between the two layers, there must be an issue with the sealers around the windows. With proper maintenance and handling, such problems can be prevented. A misted double glazed window is obviously less efficient in thermal insulation and soundproofing, so it must be replaced immediately.

HomeReps can offer misted double glazing fitting and repair services on the coldest days of winter when you need it the most to keep warm.

Misted double glazed windows can interfere with the glass’s visibility and weaken the structure. If the temperature drops to zero at some points, the expansion of the water droplets may damage the glasses.

It can also affect how your property is perceived by potential buyers, as some prospective buyers may see it as a sign of poor maintenance in the property. Such a negative point can drive down their offer.

There is no need to panic if you have an open house soon, as double glazed windows can be quickly replaced in less than a day. You can even upgrade the glass of your windows to triple glazed glass, with even better insulation and durability than the double glazing option.

If you want to find out more about glazed windows or book a survey visit to determine the status of your glazed windows, contact HomeReps via our website, email, or social media. Trained window fitters are available for dispatch to any area in London as soon as possible.

The benefits of double glazing repairs

Misted windows aren’t just a superficial problem, and they can cause more problems in the future that can be easily prevented by repairing the misted windows or replacing them. Let’s see what other benefits repairing cracked or misted double glazed windows can offer:

  • Improved security – any flaws in the structure of your glass windows can be exploited by a burglar to break into your home. Fixing the seal can improve the safety of your home and put your mind at ease.
  • Reduces noise pollution – if water has found its way into the glazed layer, the hole in the seal or cracks on the glass must be large enough for air molecules to pass through. That means the soundproofing properties of the window are failing as well. While it may be just a tiny amount of noise at first, the flaw in the seal could deteriorate further later. If you hear more noise now than you did when the windows were first installed, contact Homereps for misted double glazing fitting and repair. Our staff will systematically find and solve the issue in the glazing.
  • Improve the appearance of your property – condensation is the first step, as we mentioned. When the glazed layer is further exposed, dust particles or even minor bugs can find their way into your window and make a mess of the view. As we mentioned, these issues aren’t superficial and need immediate repair if you don’t want to pay more for extensive repair later.
  • Save energy – flawed double glazed windows aren’t energy efficient at all, and you may see your energy bills taking a hike after some of your windows lose their sealing capabilities. By repairing the glass or the seal or replacing the entire window, you can insulate your home or office again. It’s never too later to start conserving energy.
  • Add value to your property – a double-glazed window is a great option for sale pitches, as it is more durable and energy-efficient, and we have explained many more features in length. This upgrade alone can boost the estimated value of your property more than it will cost to install.

How to avoid condensation and misting problems?

  • Finding the best fitters for the initial installation is the best guarantee you can get for durable double glazed windows. Ensure your fitters are working with the best suppliers, as some double glazing materials are cheaper but less resilient towards heat or cold.
  • It’s important to consider the lifetime of your home installations. While glazed windows are famous for being more durable than others, some conditions may cause them to go out of service faster.
  • Maintenance is critical in conserving any infrastructure or appliance, and windows aren’t an exception. If you don’t clean the windows regularly and carefully, stains could build up and weaken the seal. Or sometimes, during excessive scrubbing to clean dirty windows, the edges are torn out. Taking adequate care in maintaining double glazed windows can increase their durability.

Do I need to change my window frames?

Glazed glasses are more resilient towards harmful factors, but they are not invincible. Misted glasses are only one of the issues that call for fitting and repair services.

If a high-velocity impact has damaged your double glazed windows, or if the inner layer has been discoloured, it’s time to call for HomeReps glazed glass repair services.

Make sure you share your project details when filling out your request so that we can dispatch our staff with relevant experience and the required equipment.