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Best Loft Conversion Offers in London, With the best benefits

If you feel like your home isn’t as large as it used to be for you, maybe it’s time to move some things around. One of the best ways to add extra space to your home is converting the attic into a loft. There are a few ways to go about correcting an attic, but we’ll only focus on the basics here. A new floor is just waiting to be renovated right above your head. Homereps does offer loft conversion services with the following benefits;

  • ten years guarantee of structural integrity for your new loft
  • Free survey visit and quota consultation without any down payment
  • A beautiful design compatible with the architecture standards of your building
  • Full insurance support for the new building area
  • Extensive experience in providing loft renovation in London for many years
  • A friendly and undisruptive staff who work as quietly as possible
  • Privacy for the occupants during the conversion process
  • The best deals for building material and construction fees

Our friendly team of loft converters can turn your shabby attic into a cosy new loft in just a few days. We have an extensive portfolio of our previous projects that you choose from or use as inspiration for your own home. We offer on the spot quotation for your preferred model and an accurate estimate of project duration and disturbances.

Adding a new loft can be an excellent investment if you’re looking to sell your property soon; it can bring twice as much value to the property as it would cost to convert it. If you’re looking to have a new room for your second child, converting the attic into a loft can give them the privacy they need. If you want, we can classify the loft space into separate areas for different uses, such as a study room or a work-out area with reinforced floors. Properties in London are getting more expensive as land value skyrockets, and adding a new loft-like can save you more money than moving into a new home with one extra room. We can help in the .design process of the attic if your renovation tips aren’t definitive.

Is it illegal to convert my loft without permission from authorities?

Not every loft is eligible for conversion, and sometimes the reason is related to your home’s structure. If your attic is too old and damaged and the infrastructure cannot support additional weight, the conversion will violate local housing regulations. Our survey visits aim to figure out such details and see if you need to request a loft conversation permitted. In some cases, you may be able to find a way to acquire a renovation permit from the local housing authority if there are no complaints from your neighbours. But if any of your neighbours complain to the housing authority, you may be subjected to fines for disturbing your neighbours with the noises of the construction process.

The type of roof you have impacted loft conversion prices

There are generally two types of loft roofs, Rafters and Trusses, and you can quickly determine what kind of roof you have. This detail is an essential factor in how much loft conversions will cost. Rafters are usually easier to convert and therefore cost less, but trusses sometimes require structural reinforcement for a safer and stable transformation of the loft. Whatever the type, you can trust Homereps professional builders to provide a flawless roof and attic and adapt the best method for roof conversion.

A complicated Loft Conversion is simplified to these steps for our clients:

  • Free consultation visits and survey of the house by our visiting expert, who will assess the details of the project, calculate the approximate costs of the loft conversion, and predict any issues to inform the design team.
  • After agreeing on the terms of the contract, we will deploy our renovation team to your home, where they will design the new loft and start carrying out the necessary renovation tasks.
  • Final assessment: Our experts will thoroughly check once the loft is converted.
  • Delivery: once all facilities are up and running and there is no danger for occupants, we deliver the loft on the agreed date.

Homereps has a colourful history of loft conversations

Many houses in London have been a client for our conversion contracts throughout the years. Through this experience, we can offer unique insight for renovation jobs and advice to prevent any custom orders from previous customers that have led to disaster.

If you’re looking to add some extra space to your house or have a new relative who now lives with you, or even if you’re looking to rent your loft, Homereps can provide a personalised converted loft in a matter of days. We can fully decorate your loft under your orders and specifications as well.

The conversion process may be complicated with structural anomalies or an older house with damaged infrastructure. In such cases, we will have to provide extra renovation services for the infrastructure, which will be brought to your attention in the initial quote and contract. Depending on how intense they are and how long it takes to remedy them, such renovation jobs will affect the duration of the conversion process and could dramatically increase project costs. So make sure you’re ready to pay for a lot of delayed renovations if your old loft is in bad shape, but you still want to convert it to cosy new quarters for your family.

You can easily see our before and after renovation project pictures on the website and make a consultation time with our professional to start your home refurbishment.