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Leak Detection Services by HomeReps

Whether you’re losing boiler pressure, smelling mildew, have a wet patch, or have a high water bill, we can help you find and fix the leak as soon as possible.

After all, the consequences of a leak should never be underestimated. A 0.5mm leak might waste up to 20 litres of water each hour, causing significant damage to your house.

Detecting leaks early is only the beginning. The cost and interruption of discovering the source might be significant as well. If the leak isn’t evident, a plumber may do further damage to identify it.

So, don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or online, and we’ll go over what to expect to put your mind at ease. We will dispatch a specialized technician to your home at the most convenient time for you. They’ll employ cutting-edge leak detecting equipment to pinpoint the issue in a matter of minutes.

How we detect leaks

The majority of specialized leak detection firms employ similar approaches. There is no single approach for locating any form of leak. On most jobs, numerous strategies are employed. The outcomes of each strategy enable attention to be focused on a specific location.

We’ve created a series of films to demonstrate how water leak detecting techniques are utilized in various scenarios.

This video demonstrates some of the procedures utilized when the cause of the damp might be plumbing pipes or the roof.

Non-invasive detection methods

The equipment used by our leak detection specialists for locating leaks is mainly non-destructive. Leaks can be traced without having to expose pipes. The approach is cost-effective compared to exposing parts of a property in the vain hope of finding a leak.

This approach is required by most insurance companies when an “escape of water” claim is being made.

Detection methods include:

  • Thermal imaging
  • Tracer gas
  • Acoustic surveys
  • Moisture meters
  • Borescope cameras
  • Salts analysis


Our unique leak detection service can save you time and money as our qualified engineers can pinpoint any leak without disrupting your property or its surroundings. Furthermore, we respond quickly because we understand that when it comes to finding a water leak every minute wasted could result in potentially catastrophic damage. We have fully qualified engineers located all across the country, so regardless of where you live, we can normally get to your property within 48 hours.


Our leading high tech leak detection equipment can detect and locate leaks precisely. As a company, we have a policy of constantly and consistently investing in the latest equipment to ensure we remain at the cutting edge of this industry. Our staff regularly attend trade shows, and we follow leak detection news stories from across the world, which ultimately benefits our customers.


ADI is a national company, with a local feel. We have a network of qualified engineers with many years of experience, spread all over the country. This means that wherever you live, there is an experienced ADI leak detection engineer close to you. In the vast majority of cases we can normally respond to your cry for help within 48 hours, and occasionally within the same day.