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Laminate Flooring Installation in London

Laminate flooring has found its spot in the market because of its economic price ranges and cheap installation fees. It is available in many designs and various textures for home and business purposes. What sets it apart from other options in its cost and design, especially compared with wooden floors, is its synthetic material and layered structure. The protective outer layer is usually designed to be similar to wooden boards, which is why some laminate flooring options look like the real deal after installation.

It takes a professional touch to install laminate perfectly and with no bumps and bubbles

Choosing to install laminate flooring can be a waste of money sometimes, as you cannot install it perfectly yourself, and end up ruining the laminate or the floor. Bad installations don’t just damage the flooring; they can also put a lot of pressure on the sub-floor and make a clean installation impossible after a botched attempt.

To have a smooth floor that is laminated but looks like real hardwood, you need to factor in all the details including the sub-floor, the laminate floor type itself and the conditions of installation. An expert contractor with an extensive history of installing floorboards, both wooden and laminate, can help you achieve the best results without the DIY trouble.

HomeReps provides exceptional Laminate Floor Fitting Services in London

A professional floor fitter is nothing if not their mastery of carpentry tools. You can trust that our staff are equipped with the latest available tools for installing your flooring. In addition, another point of pride in our fitting service is the inclusion of your preferences in installing the floors, for example in trimming advice on your most-used entrance, to avoid tripping over the rough edges.

Another aspect of our services is taking care of all disposable items that have been used in the installation process and any residual laminate flooring left behind from trimming.

Pros and Cons of installing laminate flooring at home or for business

  • Due to its synthetic texture, it is known to withstand many elements that could easily damage wooden floors. You can choose models that are more resistant to wear and tear, physical damage and exposure to harmful chemicals. Such options are great if you don’t want to spend much time or money on cleaning the floors and their maintenance. Although they all have limited life spans ranging from 5 years and more.
  • Its most attractive feature by far is the price range, as it is far less expensive than organic texture, while some designs cannot be easily distinguished from real woodwork. Its installation will subsequently cost you less, as the material used is cheaper, along with the service fees.
  • As we discussed, durability is a great advantage over natural wood, as it can withstand elemental damage like humidity and direct sunlight. You can install it in areas where the sunlight might destroy the wooden boards over time with heat.
  • One issue with laminate is that you cannot sand it to bring out a shiny look again, and if the protective layers are damaged, you will have to replace the boards completely. There are no repair or restoration methods for laminate flooring, unlike wooden floors.
  • It is a universal choice for many sub-floor types, and it does not need much preparation to install, compared to more expensive solutions. The downside to this, however, is the lack of customized features and characteristics in contrast to other solutions.

What are the most common questions about laminate flooring installation?

  • Can I use laminate covering for my stairs?

    Installing wooden boards on stairs would cost a fortune, especially if you are looking for bespoke

    flooring options like custom wooden planks. Laminate can easily be cut into size, but its installation may be difficult since the stairs are under a lot of pressure and normal adhesives may not be enough to hold the laminate in place. For such cases, we use specific fitting equipment to attach the flooring to the stairs.

  • Should I ask for an underlay before installing laminate?

    Using an underlay layer on the subflooring can help with insulating the flooring, and prevent damage from humidity and heat. In addition, its stability is increased, so you don’t have to worry about ruining the laminate floors every time your cat sprints through the house. What’s essential in such cases is matching the right type of underlay with your laminate.

  • Are laminate flooring options hard to clean?

    You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the flooring or use a brush or scrubbing tool available at home. No special polish is required to clean out stains from laminate flooring, as the stains are usually surface-deep.