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The thing you need to know before replacing your kitchen worktops

Are you concerned about how your kitchen looks in social gatherings? Do you feel like your kitchen needs a cosmetic upgrade? One of the fastest solutions is replacing your kitchen worktops. In addition to offering a new look for your kitchen; you can install new worktops with special features. Some of these features include resistance to extreme heat and antibacterial worktops.

We have a variety of kitchen worktops, in different types and colors, available in different materials. A perfect choice in worktops can add to the sales value of your house as well, so it is not just a personal endeavor, but a long-term investment.

Our worktops are designed for quick and easy installation, as they fit over the kitchen worktop base with no need for extra adjustments.

Stay with us on this guide to find out what you should know when choosing to replace your kitchen worktops, whether you’re simply looking for a new look on your kitchen, or want to replace damaged worktops.

Common materials used for kitchen worktops

Laminate kitchen worktops are one of the most popular options in the kitchen, they are slick looking and last long, but they will get flakey if they’re subject to heat and extreme conditions.

Granite Stone is another favorite in the market, and gives a chic look to your kitchen, and is easier to clean than most other options.

Timber is the classic option, and depending on the type of wood, its cost could vary greatly. With their need for frequent maintenance, timber worktops may be in less demand but have a nicer aesthetic.

Quartz: a more modern solution, quartz kitchen worktops replacement would not be quite as easy to install, but it is the greenest and environmental-friendly option. Its susceptibility to heat damage should be considered, especially when used near the oven.

Taking care of things, yourself? Think twice.

Replacing kitchen worktops is more difficult and time-consuming in some cases. It is never easy on the first try, so if you don’t have any experience with kitchen worktops installations and household maintenance, you should contact a professional. One of the main difficulties in replacing kitchen worktops is their weight.

Kitchen worktops aren’t cheap, and if you choose to handle their installation yourself and make an error when cutting the edges, you may lose your investment. Nobody likes a chipped countertop. This task is more difficult when you want to move your oven. You may need to relocate gas pipes and valves.

So consider hiring a professional and experienced kitchen remodeler. They will be able to offer key insight in organizing the new kitchen worktops to avoid future issues and create an easily accessible kitchen environment.

Installing the right set of kitchen worktops replacement

When you’re choosing new worktops, you should keep the rest of the kitchen appliances in mind, in addition to just the measurements of your kitchen. However, this is an issue of personal preferences more than anything. A set of worktops may work for your kitchen according to a designer, but not sit right with you. It’s your choice after all.

An easy fix to this remodeling issue would be a new lick of paint. To create harmony between your kitchen worktops and kitchen door and/or windows, you can use a color that matches the new worktops, or goes with it. So replacing your kitchen worktops is also an opportunity for you, to repaint your kitchen.

A mistake in replacing your kitchen worktops could damage kitchen appliances

When installing new worktops or painting over old surfaces, make sure to cover the cupboards and cornices. In addition, take great care when moving the countertop pieces, they are usually heavy and a simple slip could end up breaking a corner of your kitchen.

Another point that should be considered when you’re purchasing replacement worktops is considering the weight of the new worktop and calculating whether your cupboards can handle the weight.

What will kitchen worktop replacement cost?

The main factor that’s in play here is the material you choose for your new kitchen worktops. The more expensive the material, the greater the costs of installing it and maintaining it. It goes without saying that the installation fee will increase with the quality of the material, for example, timber is cheaper to install, and quartz worktops are the hardest to install since it is more expensive and more delicate to install. Another variable that can affect the remodeling price, in addition to the replacement costs, is the need for possible repairs in some areas of the kitchen. Repainting a door or cupboards and cornices could reduce the costs, but if you opt to replace your existing installations to match the new worktops, your costs could increase, depending on the material you choose for kitchen worktop replacement.

Why opt for Homereps in London to refurbish your kitchen worktop

Our technicians are experienced in all the intricacies of installing and maintenance of kitchen worktops. They can repair the smallest of chips and misalignments in your kitchen countertops and cupboards. Our repairmen have the experience necessary to bring the perfect look to your remodeled kitchen, and you don’t have to worry about mismatching colors and scratches.

Our craftsmen will use advanced restoration methods when we can, to make all the corners of the new kitchen look aligned with the new worktops, and will guarantee stable results.

Our services are available online, you can book us now

Planning a kitchen remodeling can be frustrating if you have a strict timeline, or are planning for an important event in the near future. We provide replacement services on-demand, anywhere near London. You can either make a call to our office and book an available technician, or try and book it online. Whatever works for you if you need new a kitchen vibe, or you just need a change to improve your house you can contact us for kitchen fitting around greater London.