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Make a new kitchen, all to your specifications

Kitchen planning has never been easier!Your kitchen is the heart of your house, where you make not just food, but the heartbeat of your life. A kitchen should convey a feeling of warmth and relaxation; two things we guarantee to bring to your kitchen with a new design. In this piece, we’ll go over some tips that will help you have a more elegant kitchen remodeling experience.

Kitchen planning requires finesse

The modern kitchen houses a range of appliances that didn’t exist until a few decades ago. That’s why new kitchen designs are so different from the past because they have to consider new and different uses for these appliances and their purposes. Once upon a time, a kitchen was only the place to cook food, and not even serve it in some cases. Modern times have seen kitchens turn into the center of activities in a house.

Kitchen Planning can be easy if your approach is the right one

Planning a new kitchen design isn’t a job for the uninitiated, but professionals who undertake your project should be in close communication with you, to analyze all the details of your everyday kitchen experience. To help them achieve this goal, try the following tips:

Make a list of alterations you want to add to your kitchen

sort through all the new features you have in mind, try and have a brainstorming session. What do you want from a perfect kitchen? Do you plan to have a new fancy appliance installed? Write down all the details, and share them with your kitchen planning contractor.

If some of your ideas seem a bit wild, don’t be scared and put them on the list. Your contractor could help you bring your dream kitchen to life.

If you have any new ideas on the lighting arrangements in the kitchen or would like to have a kitchen island added to your layout (if you have enough space in your kitchen), you should tell your contractor early on. Some of these changes aren’t easy to make at all.

Figure out how much your budget is in advance

For most clients, one of the defining aspects of their kitchen planning goals is the cost. To some extent, the perceived cost sets out how much you will be able to spend on your remodeling, and what material will be used in the process.

It’s better to be realistic about your budget, or you will be left with a half-finished kitchen and an empty pocket. It’s not just the expenses for the kitchen, you should also consider the service fees and other unexpected costs, like the possible plumbing and rewiring required to undertake certain remodeling efforts. Once you have a number in mind, or on paper, add 10% to account for inflation and unexpected costs.

Plan your kitchen space according to your needs

When you’re designing a new layout for your kitchen, keep in mind it’s more than simply fitting all the sections on paper. Your layout should take into account frequently used spaces, and make them more accessible.

A modern kitchen is the center of the house and should be easy to enter and exit. You should try and plan an efficient kitchen with easy access to the washing and cooking stations.

Take note of measurements from the old design

A professional kitchen planning technique is using the measurements of the old kitchen to calculate the new measurements, which will help you create a balanced kitchen environment that still feels like your old kitchen, but with improved logistics.

Be careful not to overestimate the required material, as you may end up spending over budget and have a shortage of funds for the rest of your kitchen planning project.

Start with measuring the floor and cupboards, as they will help the contractor determine the amount of material required to remodel your kitchen.

Choose the right look for your cabinetry and cupboards

New cabinets are a definite upgrade for a new look in your kitchen. When choosing the new cabinetry, take note of what mood you’re looking to set in your kitchen. Old school cabinetry designs usually go with most remodeling plans, but you may opt for a minimalistic cabinet set or one with knob-less doors.

Another aspect to consider when choosing new cabinets is the overall aesthetics of the house. You can’t have a kitchen space that looks good on it but doesn’t fit the rest of the house and its designs.

It’s ok to get some help when you’re choosing the new set, you can look up housing design magazines for tips on what goes with what in various kitchen layouts.

You can also keep the existing cabinetry and use fresh paint to make it match your new kitchen planning specifications.

Your choice in cabinetry will become an integral part of your new kitchen design, so ask yourself this when choosing a new set: will I still be comfortable with this a few years down the road?

Balancing your kitchen planning, form, and function together

Designing a new kitchen needs delicate attention to detail, in both aesthetic terms and function-wise. It’s not enough to just find the colors that match the drapes. Various functions in your kitchen should correspond with each other. It ranges from harmonies as simple as the directions in which cabinet doors open and close, to more complex aspects like determining the order of stations and which areas to upgrade in the new designs. Symmetry is another key element in kitchen planning, especially if your kitchen isn’t in the shape of a square, finding the right balance and symmetry could prove difficult.

Instead of figuring out all the details by yourself, Hire a Professional

Hiring a professional and experienced kitchen design contractor will make this seemingly complicated process rather straightforward. Our kitchen planning experts will take into account delicate details that most clients forget to address themselves in their kitchen planning requests.