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Everything You Need to Know for a Professional Kitchen Fitting Experience

Are you tired of your old kitchen and how it looks? Would you like to add to the value of your home? Studies suggest remodeling your kitchen could boost property value by as much as 8 percent.

If you’re buying a new kitchen design from a home services provider, a kitchen fitter comes free with the deal. But if you’re looking to add a more personal touch to new kitchen fitting, you can employ our services for a professional kitchen fitting experience.

Kitchen fitting is one of the key aspects of remodeling a kitchen and can be the deciding factor in how your kitchen will look. It’s not exactly a single-step procedure, and therefore having adequate information when making decisions about this process will help you balance your budget with how you would like your kitchen to look.

Fitting a kitchen yourself is not as simple as you would think

A professional kitchen planning technique is using the measurements of the old kitchen to calculate the new measurements, which will help you create a balanced kitchen environment that still feels like your old kitchen, but with improved logistics.

Be careful not to overestimate the required material, as you may end up spending over budget and have a shortage of funds for the rest of your kitchen planning project.

Start with measuring the floor and cupboards, as they will help the contractor determine the amount of material required to remodel your kitchen.

Is kitchen fitting financially challenging after a kitchen redesign?

Fitting a kitchen is never a simple and straightforward job. There are a plethora of factors that influence the final costs of a kitchen fitting job, some as simple as the material you choose to have installed. Other variables can be case-specific, like uneven floors or a rotten door, or weirdly placed cupboards or water valves, which have to be redirected for the new kitchen design.

It is noteworthy that most contractors will add an extra charge for dismantling the old kitchen fitting before installing a new one unless your contract explicitly notes that it is their duty to get rid of the old kitchen fittings. If you want to save up on costs, make sure you pick the old kitchen apart yourself.

How Can I Determine the Cost of Kitchen Fitting?

The main factor in calculating the price of a kitchen fitting is the size of the kitchen. Make sure you measure all the corners and blind spots, the floor, and walls, etc. these measurements will determine how many units you will need. Although you can decide the type and material of the kitchen units you’re looking to install in your new kitchen.

The next step is choosing the features and specifications for the new kitchen fittings. Some of these items could vary in cost based on where you buy them from, so choose your supplies wisely. Once you have a list of all the items and their costs, you will have to figure out the installation costs. If you’re fitting the kitchen yourself, the overall cost drops dramatically. When you choose a professional fitter, the costs will go up according to their skill and experience.

Find the best kitchen fitter in London

It’s never wise to go with the first contractor you meet. Ask around from your friends who have had kitchen fitting done recently. They can give you tips on which providers to go for, and their own experience with their providers. We offer competitive prices, check out other providers, and provide them with the measurements of your kitchen. If they avoid giving you a set price from the get-go, chances are they’re looking to charge extra mid-project.

Is kitchen fitting a long process?

Contractors work at different paces, and that pace determines the quality of their work and their price. A job done with haste may end up cheaper, but the results will be messy, and you will certainly have to revisit some parts of the kitchen for repairs later.

That being said, any professional kitchen fitter will handle a project in less than a week, unless your project has some unfamiliar or uncommon specifications. Make sure you ask your contractor when they can finish the job, otherwise they may drag the project for more payment.

Don’t forget the cost of removing your old kitchen set

A new kitchen fitting will require the removal of your old kitchen appliances and fittings, and this process could end up costing more than you expect. However, you can save up by recycling or selling the old parts. Some contractors will purchase your old kitchen part, or won’t charge you removal fees, in favor of retaining the old appliances.

Finally, Deciding to Hire a Kitchen Fitter?

When hiring a kitchen fitter, rather than taking over kitchen remodeling yourself, will have some advantages. First, you can manage the fitting process better if you’re not busy worrying over unfamiliar details, and you can have access to better prices since the kitchen fitter knows where to find the best prices for each of the units you order.

Contact us today, and we will handle your kitchen fitting in London or neighboring areas in the UK.