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Interior Painters and Decorators

Interior painting is a lot more delicate than exterior painting since it will not be exposed to outside elements and has to be more aesthetically pleasing than the coat of paint outside your home. More so, interior painters and decorates must work around existing appliances, fixtures and other installation, which requires more focus and attention than exterior work. In addition, choosing the right hue and combination of colours for the interior is much more sensitive.

HomeReps offers a catalogue of existing interior design templates and undertakes highly customised interior design projects with great attention to detail and dedication to provide perfect results.

Contact our staff for a survey visit of your building to learn more about our services.

Interior Decorative Services

HomeReps interior design services can be customised, and entirely unique projects are welcome. But our standard interior decorating services include:

  • Damaged plasterwork on walls and ceilings
  • Priming woodwork and applying protective layers
  • Fitting wallpapers or replacing them
  • Removal of old wallpaper
  • Repainting or renovating doors and windows
  • Removing paint or stain from wooden stairs or railing
  • Sanding and cleaning floorboards
  • Tiling repairs and replacement

Can painters and decorators work around my schedule?

Absolutely. Our project coordinators can manage the work hours and painters to adapt to your schedule; if you work at night, our staff can perform the painting and decoration overnight to avoid overlapping your sleep schedules.

What will it cost to paint a small room in my building?

Small is an oversimplification when it comes to painting costs. The painters calculate their fees based on the area needed to paint, the type of surface, and the existing paint or surface conditions. The price is determined based on the squared metre, but it can be increased if the room has an uneven wall or the current conditions call for extensive restoration before any work is done.

In addition, the cost of operation isn’t only limited to the two or three layers of paint. A protective coating layer is first applied to the surface, or more if the painter thinks it’s necessary. The cost of these protective layers and their application fees are added to the final bill.

Of course, painting rooms with semi-covered walls, like bathrooms or kitchens where the tiles cover the lower wall segment, will only consider the upper part for billing. In addition, the painters will take extra care not to paint over the lower half, as cleaning it would be not easy.

The condition of your existing interior design can affect the final cost

If you are trying to determine an exact price for complete redecoration, it’s important to note the flaws with your current setup. Replacing and renovating each individual item will add to the final bill, and a simple repainting job could cost you more than you had in mind. So it’s essential to remind our clients of this issue, as they may expect all the costs to be covered under the initial fee for interior decoration.

In addition, complex interior design fixtures are harder to repaint or restore, such as decorative sculptures. We charge extra for such items in our redecoration and painting projects.

Another factor, as we mentioned, is the size of the house, as every extra floor will add to the painting and decorating fee. You cannot expect the exact estimate for a one-story building and a five-story building.

Fees may be subject to change based on factors like the size of the property, preferred material and colour and any customisation requests

What are the preparations for interior painting?

  • Before anything starts, some small fixtures like electrical outlets and lighting must either be removed or taped over to cover paint.
  • Protective layers will cover the floor.
  • All furniture and portable appliances will be moved out or covered.
  • Small holes or crooked edges of the walls will be restored.

Needless to say, our staff will put everything back the way it was and remove the covering after completing the project.

What can you expect from HomeReps?

  • Flexible scheduling and time-sensitive project delivery
  • Coordination for all necessary infrastructure such as scaffolding or other necessary equipment
  • Recommendations about the paint, its type and implementation of colour theory
  • Providing all necessary material for the project
  • Minor restoration of the interior decorations before repainting
  • Use of several layers of protective coating for UV protection and to prevent discolouration in the long term

If you still have more questions about interior painting and decoration in London, Contact us and get informed.