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Home network installation in London, UK

All available digital home technologies are capable of network connectivity. This feature means a lot of possibilities like online diagnosis and regular system updates if your network is connected to the internet.

As more of us work from home and remote jobs are now a reality, more and more households are establishing a domestic network for a range of activities from streaming movies and series to gaming and video editing and file sharing. If you need a domestic high speed 10 Gigabit network in your home, you can check out our wired network connectivity solutions. Wired networks are more stable and use less power, and they don’t overheat as routers do, so you can rest easy as your files upload!

Call us for all your Network design and consultation needs; we are a phone call or an email away.

We Can Install All Types of Wired and Wireless Internet Infrastructure

Suppose you have been experiencing slow internet connections with your Wi-Fi, but your wired connection is still as fast as before. In that case, you may need Wi-Fi boosting devices to improve the Connection and provide Wi-Fi access in any blind spots.

That means you can enjoy a fast internet connection anywhere in your home or outside, in the garden, or on the street. This is especially useful if you have IoT enabled devices around your property that need to stay connected to the central server for optimal monitoring of the house and keep various IoT services like Ubiquiti running smoothly.

Our Economic Home Network Setups Can Provide Fast Internet for cheap

Suppose you choose a combination of internet connections. In that case, with wired and wireless connectivity, you can ensure stable access to fast internet for all users and devices without worrying about lag or getting disconnected from online servers. If you have gamers at home, you don’t want to connect with them because they will not stop complaining about other users slowing down the internet by downloading files or videos. Find more benefits of an integrated network of wired and wireless connections below.

With home networking, you and your family can share photos and videos and even text messages through a private network. That means you won’t use internet traffic, and your privacy is guaranteed because of the high level of encryption used in our Unifi Installations and home network packages.

Home Reps offers to install home networking in all areas throughout London. You can benefit from this service in so many including:

  • Listening to songs and playing videos from any playlists shared through iTunes or Spotify music accounts for family. You can even access them from smart TVs and audio broadcast systems.
  • Watch movies and series in any room and on different TVs, tablets or phones, and even satellite channels.
  • Remote access to video game consoles, PCs and DVD players or other devices
  • Browsing the internet from any devices including TVs or work stations and even fridges
  • Share documents and files from laptops and PCs across the house without storage devices.

What is Ubiquiti?

Ubiquiti is a company based in San Jose, California, which offers PoE network connectivity equipment with user-friendly design and bug-free engineering used for wireless and wired data communication. Home Reps uses their products exclusively for all home networking projects, either for home use or business purposes.

The company has three enterprise switch ranges capable of handling 8 to 48 ports. The three models are Rackmount, Desktop and wall-mounted. In the following sections, we will compare the specifications for each Unifi installation and how they affect the performance of your network.

Our technicians and network specialists are all CISCO verified. Our experience in London alone is a testament to our commitment to establishing home networking solutions and providing customer support services long after the installation. We are specially dedicated to guaranteeing cyber security for your network. If you have previously installed IoT devices like CCTV cameras or smart intercoms, we can add them to the Ubiquiti network and create a unified security system protected by Ubiquiti.

HomeReps Home Networking Special Deals Include:

  • Industrial grade network equipment connected either through wireless technology or Cat 6 or Cat 6a cables. If you choose an integrated service, the network will use Wi-Fi and wired connections to guarantee a fast and stable connection.
  • Concealed wiring and installation of equipment with no damage to plasterwork or any other section of the property. We understand that some clients may prefer hidden sensors and detectors to remain out of sight, so our technicians will make sure the network is set up according to your specifications and previous arrangements with the contractor.
  • We provide high-speed fibre optics with advanced cables if your business needs access to internet speeds faster than conventional connection methods.



Our installation parameters are optimised for maximum safety against any physical breach, and our cyber security software is up to date.


The installation process is not without complications, but our experience allows us to shield the client from dealing with these issues.

Guarantee of Quality Performance and Equipment

Our team will routinely contact you for any available upgrades and security fixes.

Our home networking services and customer support:

Wi-Fi Maintenance

Call us if your Wi-Fi goes down. If we can’t fix it remotely, our team will dispatch a specialist.

Wi-Fi Router Installation

We offer simple Wi-Fi router installations services for your home or business.

Wi-Fi Network Design

We can design Wi-Fi networks based on your demands from the web and predict any security issues that your system might face in the future, and prevent them by modification.

Home Network Support and Maintenance

Once the installation is complete, our commitment to your starts; due to covid-19 restrictions, we will first try to diagnose the issue online and see if we can fix it remotely. If not, a team is dispatched to your location.