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Don’t Risk Furniture Removal and Avoid Injuries

A furniture removal is one of the annoying parts when it comes to home appliance installation. But without removing the old furniture, you can’t carry out major repairs or refurbishment. But furniture is usually heavy, and moving them can cause a lot of trouble, if not worse.

But don’t worry about injuries, as home reps staff will do all the heavy lifting for you. Our services for furniture removal are entirely described by you, as seen fit for your remodelling plans. If you want to remove the old furniture and donate it or sell it, we can arrange to transfer the old furniture to your chosen location.

How long will it take to remove my old furniture?

That depends on the details of the request, although we try to handle all furniture removal jobs in less than a day for convenience and cost reduction.

Make Room for Better Home Appliances, By Collecting Your Old Furniture

One of the main concerns in today’s society is the environmental friendliness of businesses and services. This is a valid concern when you plan to remove furniture, and we guarantee to recycle all available material, as we cooperate with recycling stations across London. You can rest assured that over 95% of all timber material will be recycled or turned into firewood for energy. We also have close ties with charity organisations and donation centres, so if your furniture is still used to some degree, it will reach someone in need.

We Offer Furniture Removal Services of Properties of All Sizes, Even Hotels

How to order a removal service from HomeReps?

  • Call us, or contact us online with the details of your request: The details include the number of pieces of furniture, their size and any obstacles preventing easy removal of the appliances.
  • Receive a quote for services: If you share thorough details of the size and type of appliances, we can provide a better estimate if you send us pictures of the furniture and where it is placed.
  • Coordinating the time: we will contact you to arrange the time of the removal service that best fits your schedule and won’t interrupt your day or piss off your neighbours.
  • Operation day: it’s better if you’re present at the property on the day of the removal process to allow access to our staff. If you’re not available due to an emergency, call us in advance, and we can set up some way for our team to gain access to the location and move our equipment there.
  • Removal process: once all the requested furniture has been removed, it’s time to determine what you want to do with them. We can either dispose of them independently or move them to a storage location of your choosing.

Here is a list of furniture and appliances we can remove from your property.

  • All Living Room Furniture
  • Kitchen Appliances and Cabinetry
  • Bedroom and Wardrobe Installations
  • Hallway and Hall Fixtures
  • Patio and Garden installations and furniture
  • Office Furniture and installation
  • Hotel furnishings and fittings