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Handyman services in London and the greater London area

Are you tired of minor maintenance work in your home or office, or have you made a mess when attempting DIY repairs?

Perhaps you have a brand new TV that’s too heavy or large to install on your own or needs to be installed on the wall. For a range of home and business tasks, you can hire a professional handyman by contacting HomeReps and describing the job you have in mind. Management will assign a handyperson with the relevant skills who are available at the time of your request. In addition, you can book handyman services with prior notice for specific routine maintenance work on your property.

Handyman services include:

  • Indoor and outdoor plumbing
  • Minor and significant electrical repairs
  • Trivial home or office repairs tasks
  • Furniture assembly or removal
  • Installation of electrical appliances like TVs
  • Carpentry, woodworking and repairs
  • Kitchen and bathroom fixture repairs and replacement
  • Installation and fitting interior design components like curtains and windows, etc.
  • Replacing broken or damaged lamps or any other replicable electrical fixture
  • Odd jobs around the property, upon providing relevant details by the client

Our experts are available around the clock and can be trusted with your property

Even if you are not present at the project’s location, our technicians can be trusted to handle all the steps of the job on their own. You can leave the key with a neighbour, or send it to our office.

Especially with the pandemic and its emerging variants, the need for remote handyman services will be on the rise. We can provide a team of professional experts for more complex jobs or large-scale projects anywhere in London.

We will provide all necessary equipment and material for the project

Hiring a handyperson means you no longer need to be concerned with the logistics of a repair or replacement operation. Provided that you give us all the correct details about the job, the dispatched handyman will have all the equipment and material necessary when he arrives on the scene. This is a great time saver as some projects may be time-sensitive.

Book Homrepes handyman services online

You can still call us for all your booking inquiries, but if you don’t want to bother with a phone call, you can book our services online through our website or social media, or even an email. If you don’t want to be involved in choosing the right handyman for the job and would like to leave that to us, we will dispatch the best candidate from our list of available handymen based on our own knowledge of their experience and interests.

Insurance for all handyman services

Even the best can make mistakes or simply be a victim of bad luck in simple repair projects. No matter the cause, all accidents during the presence of our handyman at your property are covered by our insurance, including injuries to our personnel or you and material damage to your property or our equipment.