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Bespoke Glass Shower Screens

suppose you are looking for a bespoke shower screen installation and considering hiring a professional for design and customisation. In that case, we are staffed with experienced glassworkers and offer great deals for bespoke shower screen packages.

benefits of a shower screen

  • improving hygiene and easier bathroom maintenance
  • making your bathroom look more modern
  • replacing the shower curtain
  • energy efficiency concerns

but a bespoke shower screen can be more than just a partition wall to cover the shower station. You can make a stylish statement by customising the screen using a wide array of screen glasses. They come in different variations:

  • available in different sizes and from 8 millimetres to 15 millimetres thickness
  • different degrees of transparency
  • various screen types including: sandblasted – tainted – clear – matte – satin
  • different hues and colours
  • bespoke designs and styles

with a bespoke shower screen, forget about measurement issues

off the shelf, shower screens will never fit your shower station perfectly, and there are always measurement problems no matter how hard you try to find the perfect match for your shower. Compromising in this area can make the existence of a shower screen pointless, as water splashes can get through the unfitted sizes, and steam and hot water leak to the dry bathroom area. Not to mention the privacy aspect, especially if you live in a house with shared bathrooms.

How much does it cost to install a bespoke shower screen?

The main factor in estimating the price of a shower screen is the size of the screen itself. Furthermore, the type of glass, specific customisation requests, and design and installation difficulties can affect the final cost. However, you can get a discount to purchase multiple bathroom installations and appliances.

Shower Screens and Glass Shower Doors can be fitted together

By installing a shower door combined with a shower screen, you can practically privatise the shower station and separate it from the dry area. This is a significant step to improve your bathroom experience, as a door allows for simultaneous use of the bathroom by two occupants without privacy issues. In addition, this even further insulates the toilet and shower station, improving hygiene for both areas.

Energy-wise, this combo can be a lot more efficient than a shower screen alone and reduce the wear and tear on bathroom fixtures caused by the hot steam from the shower.

With the right choice in the shower screen and installation of a shower door, you can bring a new look without paying for a complete bathroom refurbishment. The bespoke shower screen can accommodate this new addition if you want to add a power shower to your new design.

Invest in your bathroom by choosing HomeReps Bespoke Shower Screens

  • Change the appearance of your bathroom with a unique choice

    Whether you choose a matte black screen, or a nearly transparent shower screen, if it matches the rest of your bathroom designs, the visual impact will quickly make you appreciate your decision.

  • Customised for perfectio


    while a shower curtain is not exactly unique in any way, the bespoke screen is specifically designed to fit your bathroom and cover for any flaws in the bathroom design. The measurements are flawless and make the geometric designs more beautiful in harmony with the rest of your bathroom.

  • Easy maintenance and cleaning

    curtains could be a chore to wash, and the fabric is stained over time because of wear and tear, but shower screens are easily swiped clean, and with scratch-resistance coating, you never have to worry about staining them. Every time you clean the screens, they will look as good as the first day they were installed.

  • Natural Light is irreplaceable

    there is no need to praise natural lighting, as every design enthusiast is familiar with its value. Using glass screens allows natural light to enter the shower and make a warm and cosy showering experience on days when the sun is out and save energy by making artificial light obsolete.

Are you concerned about the safety of glass shower screens?

While traditionally, glass screens have been known to be unreliable, advances in glass tampering and glassworks have made glass screens as safe as any other plastic screen. While shower screens aren’t usually made from reinforced glasses, they are sturdy enough to sustain causal impacts. They are not unbreakable, but instead of shattering all over your bathroom, they stay in the frame after breaking.

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