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With Glass Box Extensions, you can repurpose your unused outdoor space

while most conventional solutions for adding an extra room without altering building plans are shady and make for a suspicious addition to your home, glass box extensions are the futuristic substitute.

You can create hallways and use outdoor spaces while giving your home a shiny new upgrade. Our glass box extensions can be considered a piece of modern art and are customisable to fit any building structure.

Bespoke Glass Room Extensions

The glass used in the construction of the extensions is no ordinary glass, and it is laid on a structure of laminated glass support beams. The glass type can differ from case to case and is part of the customisable features of glass box rooms. In addition, glass boxes can construct hallways to connect two building structures fashionably and quickly. The integrity of the glass structures even allows for the construction of separate constructs made entire from structural glass and laminated glass for supporting infrastructure.

Make Your Home more desirable with A Glass Kitchen Extension

a kitchen made entirely out of structural glass sounds like a fairy tale. You must think it won’t be able to withstand for long, or if it will be logical for the winter. These extended kitchens can be thermally insulated with reinforced glazing and are highly resilient against impact and weather changes. No amount of snow will cause the glass kitchen roof to shatter.

Stunning Visuals with Structural Glass Extensions

the possibilities for visual design shenanigans with bespoke glass box extensions are endless. HomeReps offers pre-planned projects that are even more magnificent out of our catalogue boxes. You can check out the previous undertakings by our experts to grasp the breathtaking and artistic views created entirely out of glass. Although for some larger structures, or in outdoor areas with extreme conditions, steel or aluminium frames are used to reinforce the outdoor construct.

In addition, we accept any customised plans and blueprints for any glass structure that is both reasonable to build and does not go against city planning regulations. The price for bespoke projects is understandably higher, as we need to adapt our techniques to fit your specific demands in glass box construction.

Does installing a glass box extension require Planning Permission?

There are certain areas in London where city planning guidelines have prohibited the construction of any outdoor structure. You can find the list on the municipality’s website or contact HomeReps to see if your house is eligible for glass box construction.

There are still specific guidelines in other areas, which our contractors are fully aware of and will even in prohibited areas; glass boxes smaller than a particular size do not need permission for construction, so make sure you determine your preferred measurements when checking out the availability.

Is my home a suitable candidate for a glass extension?

Beyond the fascination with this new and exciting project, you must consider whether such a structure is rationally required in your home. If you are concerned with privacy and visibility, the glass box is obviously not a great fit. However, some models are available with a matte mode, where the push of a button turns the entire structure into a non-transparent building.

Another point to remember is the direction the structure will face and the angle of sunshine in different year periods. The chance for accidental fires in glass box extensions is higher due to exposure to direct sunlight.

Are glass extensions too cold or too hot?

The beauty of glass extension somewhat fades when faced with some disadvantages. As we discussed earlier, exposure to both sunlight and unwanted attention is among them. As discussed earlier, some of the bespoke options can be thermally insulated.

There are some brilliant options available to overcome these issues.

For example, some glass panels can reflect the sun’s UV rays, which prevents the build-up of UV rays at a specific point and causes a fire. In some other cases, thermal glass panels are used in areas where cold is a concern to insulate the structure. These panels are protected against moisture as well, so you won’t have any issues during the damper days of London.

While some providers are careless with heat resistance, our projects are guaranteed to withstand any drastic increases in the weather, which is a genuine concern these days.

Glazed Extension Design

the design process is perhaps the most critical step in ensuring a perfect glass box. the person in charge must be aware of the specific issues concerning each property; otherwise, unexpected problems may endanger the property or the owner.

For example, insulation issues in most prefab glass box models are caused by adaptability problems during the installation of the box in a property. With bespoke glass box designs, all the details of your property that will affect the box in any way will be determined. The installation will be carried out smoothly, as any existing issues are accounted for in the designs.

It’s not just about whether a design will look great in your backyard. The comfort of occupants is a vital design aspect that is often overlooked in designing glass box extensions.

Glass Extensions with HomeReps in London

With the rise in land prices, the struggle to recover from the pandemic and other economic issues in the UK, adding a new extension to your home is a lot more reasonable than purchasing a new property or renting a room to use a workshop or studio.

Glass extensions have become a popular renovation procedure that has a lot less headache, is considerably easier to install and does not involve regular construction work with brick and cement. Its impact on the property is minimal, and it has more constructional flexibility than most other home extension solutions.

HomeReps provides design and installation services for bespoke glass box extensions in any size and shape all over London.

We are here to help you to make your dreamy home with a fantastic environment; call us and ask your questions about glass box extension installation in London