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HomeReps provides installation of balustrades and bespoke glass balustrades

An unprotected set of stairs is against building regulations, and besides, it makes the stairs look out of place. Installing Balustrades is a safe and elegant addition to your staircase, and with our help, you can choose the best set of balustrades that fits your interior décor. There is a variety of balustrade available, varying in types, such as reinforced glass, metal or plastic bars. Depending on the overall style of your stairs, you can choose between a wide array of available options offered by HomeReps.

What are Balustrades? Where can I install Balustrades?

Balustrades are decorative installations for staircases or where guard rails are required in indoor and outdoor residential and commercial design.

Balustrades are a significant aesthetic boost for:

  • Stairs
  • Elevator entrances
  • Balconies and terraces
  • Malls and shopping centre floors
  • Decorative decks
  • Small outdoor bridges
  • Pools

Balustrades are available in a variety of models, types and sizes. The most popular balustrade type is glass, as it looks magnificent and is easy to clean and maintain. You may wonder whether the glass is durable enough to withstand a person’s weight. Still, these are made of tempered and laminated glass, with a guaranteed maximum weight tolerance that can withstand anyone leaning over the stairs or the railing.

Featured in our luxury catalogue, some of the features include:

  • Custom made designs and models
  • Nearly invisible lining and connection points
  • Durability that provides both aesthetics and reliability
  • Meticulous designs and installation work
  • Various tampered and laminated glass types to match your existing layout
  • Adaptability for any setting, commercial or residential
  • Large-scale projects are accepted
  • Simple cleaning and maintenance routines
  • Affordable and fashionable

What are the advantages of glass balustrades?

Tampered or Laminated, they won’t break.

The structure of these reinforced glasses makes it impossible for them to break like regular glass. So even in the event of an impact with extraordinary force, they will shatter but remain in the frame. You never have to worry about the broken glass falling or spreading around. This makes them very easy to maintain and repair, and the initial delivery and installation are less stressful as a result.

Bespoke glass balustrades have a better view

Using a solid set of guardrails can make your staircases a bit claustrophobic. In addition, you are blocking a large portion of the view, especially if you don’t want to lean over for a view of pictures of our yard. Add the impact on the overall façade of the building and the potential increase in property value, and you will appreciate this option even more.

Bespoke projects are costlier, but that is always expected with customised construction and design. You can choose different shades and hues and the type of manufactured glass, the size of the balustrades and many more options.

HomeReps contractors are available for such custom balustrades design and installation, with a rich portfolio of previous cases in different areas of London. Contact them or visit their website or social media pages. Find out what their previous work looks like as the difference in quality compared to other providers is all the advertisement they need.

You can have glass balustrades outdoors

As we discussed, the barriers are as firm as railings and can be used in more extreme settings. They are as durable as solid railings, and if you choose the right design and type, they can withstand a lot of pressure.

If you have a small stone bridge in your yard and are concerned with its safety or don’t like the way it looks, adding a set of balustrades to it can solve both of those issues.

They are easy to install outdoors and don’t take long to install. That’s why you can have them as décor for your pool or even on your roof. We guarantee their durability for daily use, but they are not indestructible and may be damaged during storms or earthquakes.

With our bespoke designs, we can adapt the details of the project to better fit with the existing installations and layout, making for the seamless addition of balustrades to your area of choice.

By choosing from a wide array of available shades and hues of tampered or laminated glass, you can bring a new look and spirit to your office, home or outdoor garden. Visit our office or contact us online to demonstrate all existing models discussed or the logistics of your request for bespoke balustrades.

Hikes in price and regulations do not compromise our standard of work

HomeReps follows its guidelines for quality and safety, which surpass the minimum requirements of generic standards, and focuses on customer satisfaction instead of providing inferior quality to increase profitability. The security of our products are thoroughly tested before we deliver the project, and you can request a visual demonstration of the installation’s safety.

Our services are available for any location in London

Our offer of bespoke design and construction extends to all areas of London, and you can come forward with your projects of any size and complexity. Once you have contacted our office, our technicians will set up a visit to gather the measurements for the project, and provide you with an estimate for the entire project, including project duration, price of different available materials and fee for our services.

After the initial estimate, you can weigh in on more details of the project, including available colours and shades for different installation components, the compatible designs, and whether the changes will affect your experience with the balustrades. For example, some balustrade designs may have protruding shapes, which may endanger anyone who falls on them.

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