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Bespoke Glass and Mirrors installation in London

Glasswork in any interior design project can change how the place looks, and bespoke mirrors can change how your home or office looks drastically. Even if you are not renovating the rest of the house, a simple change from ordinary glasswork to customised and quality-made mirrors will transform the appearance of your property.

Even on a smaller scale, a magnificent piece of the decorative mirror can turn a room from mundane to luxurious. If you want to add more glow to a specific area in your home, a bespoke mirror and a few carefully placed LED lights can do the trick for you.

Mirror Design and Installation process in HomeReps London

Mirrors can come in different shapes and sizes, and while we have a collection of ready-to-install custom made mirrors, we also accept customised designs. Suppose you have a general idea and a few specific details for your customised mirror. In that case, we can help you finalise the design to perfectly fit your current layout and existing room features. In addition, we provide customised mirrors in any practical format, with the highest quality material available in London.

Whether you want to decorate a vast hall, a personal gym of your bedroom, the scale of the project will not affect the quality of our work. We deliver the best results for all our design projects with professional integrity and guarantee a perfect final look for all our mirrors. Our staff will discuss any issues they may detect in your current settings that may have a negative impact on the design and its appearance or functionality.

What are the common types of mirrors?

  • Decorative with custom design
  • Beveled edge
  • Cheval mirrors (fixed or adjustable stands)
  • Customized for installation in the bathroom with specific features
  • Showcase mirrors, used for display in shops or personal collections or items
  • Frameless bespoke mirrors for minimal designs
  • Vintage frames for a more classic style
  • Dressing mirrors for installation in bedrooms or dressing areas

Brighten up your room with a bit of decoration

If you aren’t getting enough natural light in your room, which is not a rare case in London, a mirror can help shine a light in your room. As Edison did so long ago, you can use well-positioned customised mirrors to make changes in a room’s lighting, using the reflection of natural light coming in through the windows. Even if the room isn’t exposed to natural light, well-placed LED lights can make a big difference when combined with a shiny new mirror.

Bring more attention to your home with mirrors

Empty walls bring a sense of despair and loneliness to rooms, and decorating them is a task that many find impossible when faced with so many different options. A mirror can be a great addition if you think a painting would be bland in the long term and don’t want to add anything with excessive colour to a wall. While still keeping the minimal design of the wall, adding a mirror in the right place will make a massive change in how visitors perceive a room. In addition, you can install a custom mirror in the plasterwork to accentuate certain parts of the wall or hang a painting on the opposite wall to create optical illusions.

HomeReps can offer consultation for interior design and provide a wide range of other decorative options for home design. You can check out other pages on our website to learn more about our available products and services and special sale offers.

Contact our office today to learn more about our special offers and discounts, as they are constantly shifting. Our experts are ready all days of the week to start work on your mirrorwork and can deliver the projects faster than any other competing team in London.

Why should you come to HomeReps for bespoke mirrors design and installation?

  • We specialise in display decorative mirrors, such as showcase mirrors
  • Guaranteed safety for all our mirrors, and in-person testing
  • HomeReps accepts small custom mirror projects and repairs or restorations
  • Installation of mirrors for long-term use by using a foil infrastructure
  • Excellent post-service care and customer support services

We offer an extensive collection of mirrors and glasswork to pick for customisation

Some mirrors are more shatter-proof than others, as they can withstand a substantial amount of pressure because of the difference in structure or material. For example, acrylic mirrors are practically indestructible for home use, but they look a bit duller compared to other types.