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Gas Safety Certification in london

You probably heard safety certification for houses in the UK. This safety certification is not just for electricity. There are also more kinds of certificates that you need to require for your house as a landlord. If you are a landlord in London who has rental properties, there’s a legal requirement you should maintain annually to obtain a gas safety certificate. This certificate expires every 12 months and you should renew it every year to make sure there’s no problem with the house gas supply system. This test includes a gas supply check and appliances in your house.

Whether your property is private, local authority or housing association, you are responsible as a landlord to make sure there’s no problem with your gas supply system. The gas safety regulation in the late 80’s outlined these responsibilities and duties. The properties that need to have gas safety checks include:

  • Residential properties rented out by hotels. Private sector landlord or housing association.
  • Individual suite and rooms, bed-sit accommodation
  • Rented properties such as chalets, caravans, flats and cottages

What is included in gas safety checks?

After investigation and checking each element of your house’s gas system, the technician will give you a report that shows information about your home gas system:

  • Description of all tested devices in your house that consumes gas
  • The exact problem and result obtained from each device
  • Detailed explanation of the detected problems
  • Recommendations for any repair and improvement needed in your house
  • Signature, date and details about a specialist who does this test
  • Details about the property and the landlord

How can our registered engineers help you?

  • Test and examine each gas-based appliance in your house
  • Check the burner’s pressure
  • Check the working and standing gas pressures in gas pipes in all available points
  • Check the ventilation routes such as chimney and flues
  • Check and examine the flue flow
  • Test safety mechanism in your house
  • Determine flame failures
  • Finalize the gas test and provide a gas safety certification

NOTICE: according to the UK laws and regulations, flues must be installed with inspection hatches. Without this feature, your gas boiler will be turned off and classified as risky.

Our specialists find and locate faults in gas systems and write them out in your gas safety certification report. They also recommend the solution for reducing danger in your home. With regular safety checks, you can pay less for unexpected dangers and device replacements, because you can easily fix them before any problem shows up.

Relax and leave the rest to us

Our services in HomeReps are designed to meet the legal obligation fast at a reasonable price, without any bugs and errors. Our team of engineers are registered as a gas safety tester in London, so there is no worry about it. Be sure your house is in the best hands.

Our staff in HomeReps waiting to answer your questions about gas safety check details and deal with any queries. So call us and order your gas safety check services today with HomeReps.