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Flat Pack Furniture Assembly in London

Flatpack furniture in the UK all have an instruction manual, but some of them can be a bit hard to follow if you don’t have any experiencing assembling flat packs. The assembly process requires a specific tool that may not be available at every home in a few models. But don’t worry, HomeReps handyman services include assembly for all types and models of flat back furniture, no matter how complex.

Some furniture assemblies cannot be handled alone or need professional skills to install correctly. If that is the case for you, you can convey the request when you call us, and we’ll send a team with the appropriate number of handypersons.

If you have made a mess of the furniture assembly yourself, it’s better to send us a picture of the current condition of the furniture, so we know what we will need to handle the case. Sometimes the furniture may need repair if improperly assembled, which may require tools or replacement materials.

Our handymen services include carpentry as well, so if you want to customise your flat pack furniture after assembling it, we can help you implement the changes with your instructions.

Our Services in HomeReps Is Unique Because:

  • Accurate and fully equipped technicians

    Suppose you don’t have the right tools or are just all thumbs today and don’t feel like assembling an entire set. In that case, our expert technicians are available for quick and easy assembly, equipped with all the necessary tools to perform the assembly with as little disturbance as possible.

  • Transparent pricing

    Our prices are thoroughly expressed before we provide any services, and any customised order will be estimated relatively based on how much it adds to the project’s complexity. In addition, we calculate the hourly fee with higher accuracy than most other providers.

  • Guaranteed quality

    A perfect assembly is not easy for a novice carpenter, and some installation errors may damage the furniture itself. With our handymen, the quality of the assembly is assured. With professional tools and experience in assembling furniture and even building furniture, our carpentry professionals are more than qualified for flat pack furniture assembly.

  • Any brand, any furniture

    Our experienced handymen have assembled projects from the most common flat-pack furniture providers to the most unknown foreign companies. We even provide customised flat pack assembly if you want to make any changes in how the furniture looks or functions.

Suppose you are concerned with the safety of your new assembled furniture. In that case, our experienced carpenters can give you advice about the model and build of the product you have in mind. for any other advice or customer support, you can contact the HomeReps office or the handyman that was assigned to you directly. Our customer support service is one of our busiest departments, as we provide extensive support to our clients for all varieties of our services.