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Installation, Repair and maintenance for your floorboards

HomeReps and its trustworthy team of experts also provide flooring services, comprehensive as always. Our services include floor fitting and repair work, wood sanding and other minor tasks that will make your flooring look flawless. Our work on your floor will become a part of our collection, so you can rest assured we’ll go above and beyond for both your comfort and our reputation. Still, don’t be shy to contact us with minor repair works or any other flooring repair and maintenance requests, as we handle both with great care.

Flooring is an essential part of how your home “feels like” to its occupant. If your flooring is rough around the edges or has clear stains, or worse the polish has worn off, the owner will seem careless. Not to be too judgmental, but that’s usually the general assessment by visitors. Besides, a damaged floor is also an unsafe floor. If your floor has nails sticking out of it or has cracks in it that could shatter the board at any moment, it’s time to call for professional wood floor fitting.

We provide repairs and replacements for all floorboard types

No matter the type of your floor whether hardwood, laminate or parquet, our team know how to handle it. If you don’t have a floorboard in mind or installed, we can provide different options that would fit your floor best. naturally, we provide installation services for the boards and an extended warranty for repairs and related services. plus, you can get a discount on your future projects with any flooring installation at HomeReps. With an extended purchase, we can offer a free floor sanding session for the future.

What type of flooring should I choose?

Generally, it depends on a few factors like the foot traffic in your home and to some extent the area where you want to have them installed, for example, the main hall or a hallway. Some bamboo flooring models are terrific for extremely humid areas, as they have been used in east Asia for centuries. But they are not as sturdy as hardwood flooring. They also don’t last as long, and are more prone to physical damage, even with a protective layer. The hardwood flooring is especially useful for business locations and malls, as it can withstand the number of visitors. We have a wide array of hardwood floor types from ash and oak to more expensive types such as cherry wood.

For other areas with more exposure to humidity and water, hardwood flooring is not a wise choice. You need tile flooring for such areas, as the kitchen floor or your bathroom or indoor pool. The options are nearly endless when it comes to tiles and mosaic, as they come in many types, shapes and designs. The most common type is stone and ceramic, as they can withstand pressure and time. They are also easily coloured, which makes them a favourite for most tile makers. Bamboo is also an environmentally friendly option available for kitchens and bathrooms, and it ends up being cheaper than some other options. The problem with bamboo flooring is maintenance since the individual bamboo branches cannot be replaced.

You can find a few of our services for home and business flooring below. If you are not sure what services are required to handle your issue, call our office and ask for an estimated visit. Our staff will be with you shortly to find out how we can help you have the perfect floorboards everywhere in your home.

  • 0-100 Fitting operation for all types of floor coverings
  • Subfloor work before installation
  • Levelling your floor
  • Installation of additional skirts around the boards
  • Designing floorboard installation patterns
  • Floorboard insulation against water and debris
  • Floor Sanding for maximum smoothness
  • Polishing using the best material available
  • Implementing safety measures on unsafe floors
  • Repair and maintenance work for previous projects
  • These are the types of flooring most frequently purchased by customers:
  • Laminate flooring: they are the more economic option, and are synthetic. While durable, they are not very comfortable.
  • Parquet floorboards: they are available in many designs and patterns.
  • Hardwood flooring or solid wood boards: you can find this type in many houses, and it is by far the luxurious option for your home or business location.

HomeReps has been providing flooring services since its very first months, and you can witness our level of expertise and experience from our previous projects.
If you have been saving up for a change in your floorboard and are worried about wasting your money on the wrong model or the wrong company for its installation, you should ask and see if they are certified by their respective unions, and whether if they have received a recommendation from their previous clients. Of course, these all are qualities we have here, so your choice for your flooring needs should be clear by now. You can visit HomeReps for services like:

You may think all bathroom fitting jobs are the same, and that the contractor isn’t the most important variable in the quality and delivery of a bathroom fitting contract. In the following, we will go into more detail on how long it takes to perform a complete remodeling of your bathroom.

  • Installation, repair, restoration or maintenance check for all types of floorboards, flooring options and in all locations in London and the greater London area.
  • Using the most advanced sanding machines, which have no residual sand dust and create no allergic reactions for patients suffering from asthma or particular allergies. Our services are convenient for all.
  • We guarantee client satisfaction by providing the best available material and organizing our operations to accommodate your schedule. You don’t need to be uncomfortable with flooring work anymore.
  • Business-class hardwood flooring and installation, for our premium customers that want a luxurious office area to impress their business partners
  • Online and phone booking, any day of the week. While flooring isn’t an emergency service, we will not take long rendering your request and dispatching a surveyor to your location.
  • Sealing and insulation of existing flooring exposed over accidents or worn out over time
  • Varnishing services for hardwood boards and floors
  • Polishing and flooring cleaning services, with the use of eco-friendly cleaning solutions and delicate polishing equipment
  • Balancing the floor and removing gaps between floorboards