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Floor insulation and soundproofing installation in London

As the population rises and cities around the world get more crowded, noise pollution has become a real issue in a lot of big cities, and London isn’t an exception. That’s why soundproof solutions have flooded the market, either in the form of noise-cancelling headphones, or even better, soundproof rooms and houses. While most structures are in some shape or form noise cancelling, proper insulation against soundwaves means a perfectly soundproof bedroom, where you can sleep for days without hearing the city.

We at Homereps have offered soundproofing installations as a service in a lot of our floor renovation and installation projects. if you have decided to have a new floor installed, making it soundproof might be the edge you need to convince your partner it’s a good idea.

Don’t worry about the price, as we have found the best supplier in London for high-quality, affordable soundproofing solutions and materials. We can install a variety of floor insulation types, as you see fit for your case. If you are looking to install a heavy-duty insulation package for a home studio, call us now and find the best available option in London.

What can a floor insulation installation cancel out?

  • Yelling and singing
  • high volume speakers
  • heavy foot traffic in hallways or grand halls
  • animal and pet noises
  • training sounds and gym noises
  • heat and cold

Acoustic Flooring is exactly what you need to go wild on the strings

Insulating your floor can be approached in several ways, but it all depends on the type of floor you have. For example, you can install insulation membranes or foams beneath your floorboards and carpets or laminate flooring. Don’t worry about moving your appliances in the process, we will handle all the moving. All you have to do is call our office and ask for floor insulation and soundproofing installations.

We take great care into following all building regulations and not to disturb your neighbours or damage any shared floors. Remember that insulating your floors will save you a lot of energy in all seasons by creating thermal stability in your house.

Insulating your floor against humidity

You can order an extra layer of damp-proof material to be installed between the subfloor and the floorboards, especially if you are living in more humid areas of London, which has the highest humidity rates than all other cities in the UK, even Manchester.

In some cases, especially with engineered floorboards, the prefab design has a damp-proof layer embedded in between the plywood layer and the subfloor.

If you are installing your wooden flooring on a concrete basis, the usual damp-proof layer does not suffice, and you need to apply a layer of liquid insulation to perfectly insulate your floors.

Sub-floor insulation or Underlay insulation:

The final step in insulating your home properly is using a sub-floor insulation layer, that is after insulating the doors and windows, roof and exterior walls properly. With hikes in energy prices across Europe, saving energy has become a priority for most nations. By implementing insulation, the best insulation techniques, HomeReps promises a highly efficient system of thermal insulation under your floors to keep you warm in the winter, even if you don’t have sub-floor heating installed.

If you are interested in sub-floor insulation, combine them with sub-floor heating systems

HomeReps can make a difference in your home

Our services for home insulation include any solution you may have in mind for customized soundproofing, to thermal insulation for industrial-grade demands. You can give us a call from any district in London, where we provide floor insulation and soundproofing installations every day of the week. If you have limited time for the installation process, we can render our services in closing hours, if you want to keep your business open during the day and don’t lose customers. If your neighbours have a rule about construction at certain hours of the day, let us know in advance so we can set our schedule accordingly.

Our insulation and soundproofing services are not limited to floors, we can help insulate all areas of your home or office, with the best insulation material available in the UK, and at a price that rivals any other on the market. So if you are tired of hearing the street noise, or simply want to sing as loud as you can at home, call us today and ask for a survey.

We are waiting to change your home in a modern way, Call us and make a free consultation