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Fire Alarm Installation for commercial and residential properties

Fire detections play a severe role in saving people and firing buildings. Making sure that all of the fire detection and alarm systems have been correctly installed and efficiently designed to rescue lives is a high-value action in safety procedures.

According to UK regulation requirements (BS5839 and BAFE SP203), every property should be secure and compliant with all kinds of safety legislation as one of the home services companies in the UK, and we are proud to provide maintenance and installation fire alarms in all types of buildings.

We can help you in installing, supplying bespoke fire alarm systems that are fully customisable at your request or with your instruction. Whether you build a new house or have a growing business, we deliver your services fast at a reasonable price.

Types of fire alarm systems that we install in HomeReps

Not everyone can be a fire alarm installation; that is why DIY projects mostly fail and need specific experience and knowledge. We would be happy to provide different types of fire alarm systems and which one is the best choice for your property condition.

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  • Conventional fire alarm systems

    As the name suggests, conventional fire alarm systems are the first types of fire alarms. The chipset associated with classic fire alarms is more straightforward than the modern ones. Because of this, conventional fire alarm systems are a cheaper option, but they require more wiring. This fact means it takes longer to install or repair conventional fire alarm systems.

    Conventional fire alarm systems don’t come with GPS or any navigation tool, so they won’t be able to tell you the exact location of the fire. Still, if HomeReps professionals do the installation process, the fire alarm will be able to distribute your premises into different zones.

    It means you can use conventional fire alarms in multiple floor buildings or vast areas with less cost and relatively straightforward arrangement. Still, we wouldn’t suggest this type of fire alarm in multi-functional buildings with complex plans.

  • Addressable fire alarm systems

    This type of fire alarm system is a little more refined and sophisticated than classic conventional fire alarm systems. Every addressable fire alarm system has a unique address and name. This feature lets you know which device is already activated is it a detector or a call point. All of this helps you locate the fire and put out the fire much more quickly. Addressable fire alarm systems help you save money over time because all devices are connected to one loop instead of individual cables in the wiring of addressable alarm systems. This option has fewer false alarms and is more effective.

    • Wireless fire alarm systems

      Wireless fire alarm systems are great for premises that need to take appearances into account, such as high-end retail outlets, or who are restricted from doing much with the fabric of the property, such as listed buildings.

      Wireless fire alarm

s are the newest type of fire alarms and need to take appearance into different accounts like retail outlets and restricted properties. There’s no cabling in wireless alarm systems. So the installation process is so easy and quick. Wireless fire alarms are more expensive than other types of fire alarms and require the regular replacement of batteries.

However, they are suitable for old buildings anywhere there’s no space for wiring and electrical works.

Fire Alarm Testing in London by HomeReps

According to building safety rules, every property with fire alarm systems should be checked and tested every six months thoroughly. Fire alarm testing should be carried out by an expert, professional technician, electrician or engineer. After the fire alarm testing, our fire alarm engineers put the record in your logbook and document details as a fire alarm report.

One of the steps of fire alarm installation is a fixed fire alarm wiring test. Even if you already have a fire alarm system in your house, it would be better to check by an electrician to prevent dangerous occasions. It is very vital to safeguard your alarm system from an electrical perspective.

One of the best tests for ensuring electrical wiring in alarm systems is the EICR report. Electrical installation condition report protocols check all faulty parts of wiring. Our experts in HomeReps also provide EICR tests in London. By having an electrical report, you can have assured that all of your fire alarm installations will be in excellent condition. In this test, fire alarm wiring is an integral part of the EICR report, and it will not pass if the wiring is in bad condition.