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Exterior Painting & Decorating

Whether you want your brand new house to stand out, or if you’re going to renovate your home before sale, exterior painters and decorators at HomeReps can paint and decorate your house to be a jewel on your street. Don’t be surprised if bloggers stop by your home to take photos for social media after your brand new exterior design has been completed.

With numerous cases of exterior decoration under our belt in London, a simple look at our social media page will tell you the story of how our projects are handled. Our quality of work is as best as it could be for any project, whether for a fresh coat of paint or an entire redecoration and repainting of your house.

Besides painting, our exterior decorative projects include:

  • Brickwork design, installation and restoration
  • Replacing or renovating Windows and window frames
  • Renovation of doors and porches, or installation of new fixtures
  • Roof space and attic renovation
  • Fitting metallic or uPVC drainage systems and drains
  • Equipping Balustrades on your balcony
  • Outdoor structures, including guard fences, pet houses, etc.

Can I repaint my house with a brush and a bucket of paint?

Not at all. Repainting a house can be an extensive process because of unexpected issues or structural issues, so before you can put a fresh coat of paint on an old layer, some steps must be taken, and professional handling of such actions is essential to the quality of the final finish.

  • Scraping off all protrusions of paint from the surface
  • Repairing the plastering if it is damaged
  • Replacing window seals and using tape around them to cover the edges from the paint
  • Restoring or replacing damaged bricks
  • Cleaning dirt and oil from the surface

Painting and decorating projects for all residential properties in London

Our collection of painting projects in London stand out in terms of aesthetic value but are never out of harmony with the rest of the street. It’s an art form to repaint a house without making it the odd one on the block.

We also Offer Exterior Commercial Painting & Decorating Services

Our exterior painting and decorating services are comprehensive, and we provide all manners of repairs and replacement for any exterior fixture or installation.
If you are looking for interior design and decoration, head to our other webpage for interior painters and decorators.

Painting and decorating for schools and colleges or private educational institutes

Our services can be customised for schools and educational centres in coordination with the managing committee. Our painters can offer different styles and formats for painting slogans or the school name on the façade of the building. We can work around the open hours to avoid exposing the students to paint and other harmful chemicals; You can choose to carry out the exterior design project during the holidays or weekends.

Does your shop need more exposure? An exterior redesign is what you need!

If a business has been slow lately because of low foot traffic, or if you simply want to change the way your retail shop or office looks, a redesign is just a phone call away. HomeReps offers extensive and minor exterior decoration services for retail shops and offices in London.

Do you want a new shop sign? Call us and find out about the different offers for business signs and exterior decoration or painting projects today.

What are the best seasons for exterior decorating or painting?

Our expert exterior painters and decorates recommend dry weather with mild wind. Too much wind can negatively affect the paint and slide it across the surface, making it thinner in some areas. Exposure to sunlight before the paint has dried can cause issues with its colour as well, so sunny days aren’t the best time for repainting.

If you aren’t sure when the decoration process should begin, we can let you know when the best time for redecorating your house is.

Costs of painting the exterior design of a house in London

While the average cost of exterior painting in London changes drastically during the economic recession caused by the pandemic, an exact price is hard to pin down. It’s better to contact us for an exact estimate for your case.
Call us for an exact estimate of the project, and make sure you provide all the details necessary to help our staff have a better understanding of the building. Below, you can find a few more factors that affect the final cost of hiring exterior painters and decorators.