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Ethernet cabling services for your home

Internet access is perhaps the most important thing to most of us during the pandemic. Slow internet means you can’t stream your favourite series eight times. While wireless internet has become faster than ever, its stability is still largely questionable. That is why every IT expert would recommend a stable Ethernet connection for your home. Perhaps you have an existing membership with the internet company but still haven’t gotten around to installing the new modem. Our IT technicians at Home Reps are here to help you gain access to stable high-speed internet without having to lift a finger, except for when you call us.

Home Reps London offers a range of network cable services for your home or business, including:

  • Establishing a high-speed cable network with Ethernet technology in your home or business.
  • Upgrade your existing cable network with high-end replacements.
  • Technical support and system diagnosis of Ethernet cable networks.
  • Creating inter-link cable networks across two or more buildings.

Home Reps also provides installation services for a variety of wired network cable models such as:

  • Cat5e offers a standard frequency of 250 megahertz, with a maximum length of 100 meters.
  • Cat6: this model has an extension limit of 55 meters and supports up to 500 megahertz speed.
  • Cat6a: this is simply an extended version of the Cat6, up to 100 meters in length.
  • Cat7: can provide 600 megahertz signals and support the previous Cat cabling models.

Contact us to assess your home and any existing cable networks to better understand our services and prices. We provide various IT services at highly competitive prices with a guaranteed work ethic. We are not only focused on installing simple home connections; you can find some of our other services below:

  • Installing a cable network
  • Installing Cat6, Cat6a, Cat5e, etc.
  • Creating a fibre optic cable connection
  • Wireless distribution of Ethernet connection
  • Access Point Modification
  • Wiring phone cable connections
  • Installing CCTV and monitoring infrastructure
  • Establishing Paging and Public Announcement network

You can expect an efficient job from Home Reps staff, and to make the deal sweeter, we are also available on weekends with no extra charges! If you’ve been playing video games on the weekend and your slow connection is making you lose, contact us for a quick fix and don’t miss out on your online match.

Our experience includes projects of all parameters and sizes, including homes, offices and even more extensive data farms. In the competitive world of information technology, we are constantly forced to upgrade our internet access and hardware capacities to keep up with the trends. This need is another pandemic effect since many jobs have turned to remote cooperation through online services. So don’t hesitate to call us for an Ethernet cabling upgrade if your zoom calls are dropping or have poor quality. You deserve a stable internet connection, whether for playing video games online or watching your favourite trilogy.