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Emergency Lighting Installation for Residential and Commercial Buildings in London

Emergency lighting fixtures in residential and commercial buildings are a failsafe for electrical outages. Suppose, for whatever reason, your house or office loses power. In that case, the emergency lights can be used to safely evacuate the building or provide lighting for areas where wandering in the dark could lead to fatal accidents or damage to property.

Emergency lighting is designed to operate when the main lighting fails to provide adequate lighting to evacuate safely. Therefore, the correct design and installation are paramount in ensuring that escape routes will be correctly lit; it is essential to ensure the emergency lighting is regularly tested to be ready to operate when required.

Under UK safety laws for domestic and commercial safety, all properties must be equipped with emergency lighting systems for safe evacuation in the event of any emergency that shuts down the power and lighting equipment of the property.

Installing Emergency lighting for older buildings

While most newer buildings have an existing emergency lighting system built-in during the second finish stage of construction because of mandatory obligations, many old buildings are still not equipped with this safety measure. Local housing authorities mandate the installation of such emergency measures in all homes, and EICR reports must confirm the existence and functionality of emergency lights for a perfect score.

Our fitter is experienced in British safety regulations and knows the specifications for installing an eligible emergency lighting system in a home or business environment.

Our services in this area:

  • Installation of emergency lights at exits or requested areas
  • Routine testing of emergency lights for commercial properties as mandated in the UK
  • Fitting LED emergency lights
  • Replacing damaged or old emergency lights and lighting systems
  • Testing residential emergency lighting systems
  • Installing emergency lighting systems in necessary indoor areas like workshops, chemical labs, etc.
  • Fitting outdoor emergency lighting for a designated evacuation area during emergency events
  • Installing standby lighting systems

Emergency lighting testing

Emergency lighting regulations in the UK mandate regular testing for all installed systems in commercial and residential buildings. However, commercial properties must have more frequent testing carried out, with more steps compared to residential standards. We offer testing and maintenance for all properties with existing emergency lighting systems in London; if any item in the test list fails the safety requirements, it can be easily replaced. After each testing, a certificate will be issued that’s presentable to the authorities or your insurance officer if necessary.

Failure to provide such a document may lead to issues with insurance payment in the event of an emergency and potentially make the emergency lighting system ineffective in times of crisis.

Reach out to our office for emergency lighting tests and scheduling routine testing.

Emergency Lighting Installation by Expert Electricians

Emergency lighting design is essential in its effectiveness during a crisis; that’s why we are assisted by consulting electrical engineers in the design process of emergency lighting systems. Our electricians work in close cooperation with the engineers to interpret the blueprints with attention to the smallest details.

Whether for home settings or commercial properties, HomeReps can offer unique designs and a flawless installation of your emergency lighting systems backed by our experience and ingenuity in providing electrical services.

HomeReps services for emergency lighting in domestic and commercial environments:

  • Design

    After an initial survey visit by our technicians and recording the measurements of your property, or consulting engineers will draw up initial plans for the emergency lighting circuitry. The designs can be altered at your request and are modified to fit each project based on observed factors.

    Some designs factors such as energy supply for the lights are determined by existing factors.

  • Installation

    Our team of electrical technicians will arrive at your property as scheduled, and install the circuitry, install emergency lighting and run tests to make sure the installation has been successful.

  • Maintenance

    Emergency lights must be tested by a registered electrician, 3 hours every year and one hour after six months. Some areas have more frequent testing intervals, such as every month in some commercial cases. These tests will identify which components must be replaced or adjusted for optimal function.

We provide all our maintenance and testing services for previously installed emergency lighting with competitive deals for all London and the Greater London Area properties. If you want to have a price estimate for installing an emergency lighting system, contact our office for a survey visit.