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Emergency electrician in London

Whenever there is an electrical failure in your property or company, you need someone with the experience in electrical works to fix it promptly and absolutely without fuss. You want someone who can do the project in best quality, plan it properly, and complete it in a reasonable amount of time with suitable price for your purpose.

You must respond so quickly in the case of an electrical emergency. HomeReps specialists are on hand 24 hours, all days of the week to help you with any need, whether it’s at your home or at business, thanks to our emergency electrician callout services. Our electricians are located in London, this allowing us to respond swiftly at any time of day or night in London.

We cover all types of electrical situation, whether it’s a power outage or a critical electrical device that has developed a fault or broken down, a certified electrician will be on-site as soon as possible to fix the problem and get everything back up and running.

When is Emergency? When you should act so quickly?

  • Dysfunctional electrical Sockets

    It might be damaging and perhaps dangerous for you and your family to attempt to repair a broken socket on your own. If you’re not sure you can do it yourself and you’ve never done that before, or if you’ve tried everything and still can’t figure out what’s wrong, Don’t be hesitant to contact our Professional Electrician for help and a price estimate.

  • Tripping RCD

    When an RCD trips, it might be inconvenient, but it is a notice that a circuit on your property is hazardous. Electricity is dangerous, and any issues should be treated carefully and never overlooked. If you’re unsure, it’s always advisable to get a professional electrician to help you with your issues.

  • Burning smell and sparks

    A rather pungent scent of plastic burning near your electrical outlets indicates an electrical fire, which might suggest significant electrical troubles. If you smell burning or see sparking or charring near your outlets, contact our skilled staff right now and ask them to prevent further dangers.

  • Alarm does not go off.

    There’s nothing quite like having your security alarm go off and not understanding how to turn it off to make you mad. It’s difficult to focus properly when there’s continual irritating noise, especially late at night or after a long day at work. If you run into a problem like this, contact our specialists for assistance.

  • dysfunctional light fixtures

    If the circuit breaker is tripped, the light switch may lose power, preventing energy from flowing to the controller. As a result of the wires heating up, circuit breakers will trip automatically. Short circuits are potentially harmful since they can spark a fire. The cables within their terminals will occasionally loosen over time.


  • Fuse keeps blowing.

    Usually a fuse or circuit breaker trips off or blown when the electrical power flow to protect another electrical circuit from severe damage that may cause by overload or short circuit.

    • faulty electrical appliance in your house
    • Short circuit
    • Circuit overloading

    All of these three issues can trigger electricity in your house that also cause blown fuses. In this situation, Don’t remember to call us first.

  • Water and flood-damaged electrics.

    The electrics in your home may have been compromised if the water damage to the electrics is significant and caused by clean or water, such as a burst water pipe or tank. As a result, getting into any standing water might be damaging and deadly. As a result, do not attempt any electrical repairs or temporary supply connections yourself; instead, hire a professional electrician.