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Electrical Tower Rails Ii your Bathrooms, For Efficient and Eco-Friendly Homes

Having a tower rail warmer in your bathrooms, especially during the damper day of the year is a must. If your home has built-in tower rails powered by the main boiler, also known as a hydronic warmer but it’s not working properly, an electrical tower rail warmer is a great replacement option. If you don’t have a tower rail, installing a new one is a job for a good handyman. However, electrical tower rails warmers should only be installed by professional electricians, since an electric device so close to water pipes and directly exposed to humidity can be safety hazard if it is not installed properly. Homereps home service providers offer both tower rail installation and electrical tower rail warmers with great combo offers available in London.

How can an electrical tower rail change my bathroom?

An electrical tower rail doesn’t just warm your towels, it can heat up the bathroom as well, making for one cozy shower or bath experience. There are a varieties of tower rail models available, and every design affects how the tower rails conducts heat. By opting for tower rails with more surface area, you can improve the heat conduction of tower rails and have a hotter bathroom during winter.

Electrical Tower Rail Warmers Are More Energy and cost-efficient Than Hydronic Warmers

The process of transferring hot water from the boiler to the radiator is usually inefficient and ends up wasting a lot of energy. However, electricity is converted to heat on the spot in electrical warmers, which means its efficiency is almost flawless, with less than two percent energy waste.

An Eco-Friendly Solution For The Future

Boilers run of fossil fuel, usually gas or oil. The majority of UK homes are equipped with central heating that is powered by such boilers. By choosing an electrical tower rail warmer, you can save not just money, but a small portion of the planet.

Easy Installation and No Additional Infrastructure

There is no need for plumbing or digging deep into the walls to install an electrical tower rail. The wiring process may be complicated if there are no outlets in your bathroom, but in such cases the wiring can be concealed for protection against splashing water and humidity and a smooth look.

Generally, the installation of an electrical tower rail and warmer should not take longer than two to three hours, unless there are case-specific complications. In such cases our electricians will inform you about the cost and duration of additional repair or maintenance operations with absolute transparency.

Electrical Tower Rails Can Be a Complimentary Heating System

By purchasing the right size of tower rail for your bathroom, you can benefit from the warmer as a heating appliance in addition to just drying towels indoors. Larger tower rails with wider railing can conduct a considerable amount of heat to provide a hot shower even in the coldest days of fall or winter.

Some warmer models offer temperature control functions or programmable control systems that use thermostats to maintain optimal temperature in the bathroom in specific times of the day. Planning your showers is a lot easier with such warmers, since you don’t have to worry about the bathroom being too cold in the morning. Smart electrical tower rails are also a great tool for saving energy, since hydronic tower rail warmers cannot be used with such efficiency.

Towel Rail Warmer Maintenance by HomeReps Domestic Electricians

If you want to get rid of your old hydronic electrical tower rail because it’s malfunctioning, or because of its energy consumption, Homereps offers tower rail replacement for residential and commercial properties in London.

Contact Homereps if

  • Your electrical warmer does not provide enough heat
  • The controls malfunction or the thermostat fails
  • The wiring or the plastic parts covering the electric components are dicoloured
  • Tower rail is disconnected from the wall or is damaged, exposing the heating element
  • Certain parts of the rail vary in temperature (it’s a sign that internal wiring or elements are failing)

If you want to renovate your bathroom and are not sure which tower rail warmer is the best solution for you, contact Homereps for consultation. We have great offers for bespoke tower rail and tower rail warmer installation for both commercial and domestic properties in London. our electricians have extensive safety training for electrical work in bathrooms, so you can make sure the final results will be up to all electrical safety standards for bathroom installations.