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Interested in Rewiring Your Property Because of Electrical Issues?

There can be a few reasons that necessitate rewiring part of your property’s electrical circuits or removing the old wiring entirely and installing an upgraded electrical circuit altogether. Whether rewiring is mandatory or optional, it must be carried out with utmost care and attention to the previous wiring to comply with UK electrical safety regulations.

If it has been more than a couple of decades since your home was wired or rewired, it will probably fail an electrical safety check of its wiring and most outdated electrical fixtures. Especially with the mandated EICR checks for all properties, keeping up with the safety requirements demands all faulty wiring and fixtures be fixed as soon as possible.

In some cases, electrical rewiring is carried out with the addition of a new room or redesigning parts of the house. If you want to add a new high-demand electrical appliance, rewiring may be necessary if the current wiring cannot carry the additional load.

HomeReps offers electrical rewiring for all domestic and commercial properties in London and Essex.

Rewiring a home is a very dynamic task, as some houses have unique design features that make every project new and exciting, albeit more demanding to rewire. The project’s duration depends on the extent of rewiring and case-specific difficulties. If you want your house fully rewired, it will take some time, between one or two weeks, depending on the scheduling, and there will be some construction work necessary to remove and replace concealed wiring and other concealed fixtures.

Rewiring a property can be described in four stages:

  • Preparation: before the process starts, the main power is cut, and all electrical appliances and fixtures are removed. Then the electricians must gain access to concealed wiring behind the wall or below the floors.
  • Removal: all damaged circuits and wires are removed for partial rewiring work, and all wires are removed for full rewiring work.
  • Rewiring: new chasing is created of installation of wires, and construction for redesigning the electrical wiring is carried out during this stage.
  • Testing: after rewiring, all new circuits must be tested with and without electrical appliances to ensure the safety and functionality of the new wiring.

How Do You Know If Your House Needs Rewiring?

As we mentioned, rewiring a home can have many reasons. Failing EICR tests will inevitably set you up for rewiring your property, but you can always decide to rewire optionally, which will cost less now.

You can rest easy knowing the house’s wiring is fully functional and secure for years to come if you take the initiative. The following are obvious signs for rewiring your home

  • Abundance of Aluminum wiring

    Aluminium wiring is at a higher risk of combustion due to electrical overload than copper wires. Overuse of aluminium wiring in your house’s electrical circuitry is a potential fire hazard. It means you should consider rewiring at least the main power lines and wiring if it’s made out of this highly flammable material.

  • Posing substantial risk in times of emergency

    If the initial wiring has been carried out without attention to safety precautions and poses a risk of an electrical accident if specific areas are flooded, or part of the wall is demolished by earthquake, rewiring the existing circuits is the best way to avoid the issue, and upgrade your wiring at the same time.

    For example, wiring near main water pipes or under wooden floor or roofing poses a potential danger

  • Old wiring

    It doesn’t take a professional electrician to figure out a house with old and outdated wiring needs electrical rewiring asap, especially if you plan to sell or rent the house. Old wiring can cause accidents and damage electrical appliances and fixtures by providing an unstable electrical current.

Comprehensive Domestic Electrical Rewiring Services

We can provide all the necessary construction and electrical services for a complete electrical rewiring of your home, which includes removing parts of the walls and floors temporarily unless you want to make changes in your floors or walls.

Electrical Rewiring for Commercial Properties

With an experienced team of brilliant commercial electricians, HomeReps services include minor and extensive rewiring for commercial and industrial buildings in London. Our staff are ready to work with carefully coordinated schedules to keep your business running during the rewiring process.

Certified for Commercial Rewiring in London

Rewiring commercial electrical circuits requires expertise that can only be found with certified commercial electricians. They are well aware of industrial and commercial electrical standards and safety guidelines to protect themselves and your property during the rewiring.