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Electrical First and Second Fix services in London

HomeReps team of dedicated and efficient electricians are locked and loaded to start work on all first and second fix electrical projects for new or renovated homes. Call us to find out more!

If you don’t know what the first and second fix means, you have chosen the right provider that can help you with all the steps of fix and second fix work for your home or office building.

The first fix is the initial process of building a home, including fitting infrastructure and main installations. The second fix is more about installing more light fixtures and interior decoration and basically tidying up the building for presentation to the client.

Our services include all first and second finish tasks, including carpentry and plumbing.

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First and Second Fix Electrical Services

Managing all the tasks in a renovation or construction project is not easy, and it’s recommended to let professionals handle the job efficiently and safely. This couldn’t be more true in electrical installations, especially first and second fix electrical services that lay the groundwork for electrical safety.

Qualified and Certified Electricians are the right choice to ensure your home’s electrical safety

All our electrical services staff are registered and certified to operate in the UK and have extensive experience with applicable regulations in electrical safety that must be observed in the UK because of their past work here. Neglecting electrical safety measures in construction may cause issues with the local housing authority and make it harder to market the property later.

First Fix

In general, all construction work done before plastering is considered part of the first fix stage. That includes preliminary carpentry work, fitting the floor sublayer and roof installations and main plumbing work and electrical wiring and installation of infrastructure like consumer units.

First, fix electrical work must be completed after plumbing work is finished to prevent the risk of electrocution.

In addition, all power must be cut off during all stages of electrical work, including first and second finish electrical installation tasks.

First Fix Electrical Fixes include:

  • installing and adjusting consumer unit base
  • design and installation of concealed wiring and electrical wiring for the entire property
  • installation of outlet boxes and other electricity distribution fixtures
  • testing the wiring and connections before plasterwork
  • checking the safety of wiring and appliances based on regulations

*for example, all electrical consumer units must be at least one meter away from gas and water pipes.

During the first fix electrical work, some property components may need to be altered as seen fit by the consulting engineer. After the first fix finish, all these alterations will be blended into the house design after plasterwork and painting.

Second Fix

The second fix starts after the plastering has been dried. It includes installing all remaining electrical, carpentry and plumbing fixtures and finalising the construction of the house. By the end of the second fix, the home should be ready to be presented to the client.

In the Electrical second fix, all minor and major electrical appliances and fixtures are connected to the house’s power source and tested to make sure everything is ready for use and safe for the occupants.

It’s important to leave out the installation of such small fixtures until after painting had dried off as well; otherwise, the fixtures may be covered with paint. While a seemingly innocent cosmetic issue, spilt paint can affect the functions of certain electrical fixtures, especially heat sensors and smoke detectors.

Second Electrical Fix includes:

  • fitting all plugs, outlets and sockets and electrical switches
  • installing home security systems and control panels
  • setting up IoT based devices and testing IoT functions
  • installing circuit boards and adjusting the consumer unit for daily use
  • testing all electrical wiring and fixtures

We Also offer Deluxe Refurbishment Services for Residential and Commercial Properties

For renovation purposes, we offer the complete package of services, including carpentry, plumbing, painting and plastering and more. HomeReps offers comprehensive home maintenance and construction all over London, focusing on establishing long-term connections with its clients.

If you plan any significant electrical upgrades as part of your renovation process, it’s recommended to schedule all electrical rewiring before plastering and painting to avoid damage to renovated areas.

However, if the electrical upgrades are limited to exterior fixtures, waiting until after other renovation tasks are complete is easier logistically, to prevent extra work and safety issues during electrical work.