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Electrical Installation Condition Report Certificates in the UK

What is an EICR certificate?

EICR stands for Electrical Installation Condition Report and investigates the function of domestic electrical installations and fixtures as mandated by the housing authority. For rental properties, EICR condition is considered an essential safety denominator, and lack of such certificate may dishearten more cautious prospective tenants from moving in.

Is it mandatory to carry out an EICR inspection?

As of 2021, EICR certificates are a requirement for any private rental property in the UK, with the goal of improving electrical safety all across the UK, not just for homeowners. Issuance of the certificate is only allowed by registered electricians since the inspection of some of the installations may cause danger, significantly if the building is damaged. In addition, only a professional electrician can identify less common problems or hidden problems with your home’s electrical installations and fixtures.

But don’t worry, an electrical condition report only takes a few hours to complete and only involves stationary appliances and fixtures that cannot be unplugged from the electrical circuit. In fact, their permanent connection to the electrical circuit makes their safe function so vital in overall electrical safety. wiring and insulation issues in a sing stationary electrical fixture can cause breaker trips or current fluctuations and even lead to electrical fires more electrical severe accidents.

HomeReps Certified Electricians can carry out extensive EICR tests that include all your electrical fixtures and offer same-day repair for most small electrical issues.

How long is a landlord electrical safety certificate valid?

EICR certificates in the UK must be carried out every five years or as soon as possible if no previous inspections have been carried out involving electrical installations. However, with every change of tenancy, your new tenant can request an EICR to ensure the safety of the property they are renting. You must always keep a valid copy of the original version of the EICR certificate since every new EICR inspection requires a previous certificate for easier identification of installations and their status.

Recommended Intervals for EICR inspections in different properties in the UK

While landlords should prioritise the safety of all electrical installations in their property, it may not be possible for most people to personally check the premises and carry out routine inspections.

You can easily order an EICR inspection by HomeReps electricians anywhere in London.

  • Homeowners

    Mandatory Every Ten years

    For sale and purchase of new or older houses

    After renovation and extensive repairs

    To identify unknown issues with the electrical installations

  • Rental properties (private)

    Mandatory Every Five Years

    Upon a change in tenancy

    At the request of the sitting tenant

    After rewiring and large scale renovation

HomeReps Offer Commercial EICR Testing for Shopping Centers and Retail Stores in London

Regulations for commercial properties are different from residential properties, and the test parameters are determined by the type of business and industrial installations present in the property.

Book an EICR inspection now to find out more about the electrical safety status of your home

Electrical condition reports can be carried out at the request of the owner or the sitting tenant if you want to find out more about the overall electrical safety of the property. EICR tests can also identify seemingly unsolvable electrical issues that are caused by flaws in electrical fixtures or the wiring. Our expert electricians can often assess the device’s status by its appearance, for example, discolouration around the outlet or some wiring seals and other insider details.

Different Designations in EICR testing

  • C1: a fatal or hazardous flaw in the electrical installation
  • C2: potential or imminent danger or malfunction
  • C3: Violation of electrical safety guidelines, recommended repair or replacement
  • FI: Further investigation or later visit required for the final result

While C1 and C2 designated appliances require immediate attention and C3 installations are not urgent but have limited notice for repair or replacement.

HomeReps, quality and efficiency together

EICR tests can be time-consuming. The electrician is not familiar with various electrical installations and their safety protocols and has to carry out their research during the job.

Our electricians are certified after vigorous training and examination. They are experts at carrying out EICR inspections because of their experience with all varieties of electrical installations and fixtures during their professional experience.

Hiring professional electricians can set you back a few pounds, but an inexperienced electrician can cost you your time and safety.