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Double Glazing Windows installation and repair in london

If you don’t have glazed windows, it’s time to consider them for your home or office. They are more efficient than the regular glass in all categories. They are more resilient towards impact and do not actually break apart if they are shattered. The lining that holds the two glass layers together will prevent them from spreading apart after-effects and keep them as a firm layer supported by the inner laminate layer.

They are highly durable in rapidly changing temperatures that shatter regular glass windows and offer better UV protection than unglazed glass windows. The inner filling filters out dangerous UV rays, making it an excellent option for homes with direct sunlight on their furniture, floor or appliances.

This reinforced glass can last for many years and withstand regular storms and even direct impact by small birds. However, if damaged, they are easily repaired or replaced at a lower cost for existing HomeReps clients.

If you hire HomeReps for double glazing installation services, our follow-up offers for maintenance will surprise you! We provide great deals for replacing the windows with the same model and a special discount for upgrading to triple glazed glasses. Triple glazing is far more effective than double glazing and offers better protection against both impact and UV rays. Its soundproofing capabilities and thermal insulation rates are slightly better than double glazed windows. However, some window frames may not be able to support triple glazed glasses because of their dimensions or fragility of structure.

Double glazed and triple glazed glasses are an excellent fit for uPVC and aluminium doors and windows or sash windows. It is a great idea for bay windows because it improves their thermal insulation by tenfolds.

What is double glazed glass?

Double glazing is a process of fortifying glass by attaching two layers of identical glass using adhesive material that hardens around the edges and seals the two layers together. In some models, gas is pumped into the seal for better insulation results. The gas creates a thermal barrier between the two glass layers, significantly improving energy efficiency.

Double glazed windows can really drive down your energy costs per month, especially during winter and summer, where proper insulation is vital for energy saving.

Window Repair and Maintenance by HomeReps

While double glazed windows are sturdier than non-glazed glass, they are not invulnerable. They can be subjected to wear and tear or crack under pressure or impact, damaging the insulation. If there are any condensed water droplets between the two layers, it’s time to call a handyperson to replace the glass. There is no need to make any adjustments to the window frame unless it also needs repair or has caused the leak.

Most common glazing windows problems

Poor maintenance or use of low-quality glazing material can cause quick deterioration of either the sealing capacities of the glass window or make the glass loosely fit the frames. At the same time, most double glazed windows will not face such issues until at least ten years after their installation.

Some of the common issues include:

  • Issues while opening or closing the window
  • Dysfunctional locks or hinges
  • Condensation between the glass layers
  • Faulty seals or shattering around the edges because of pressure from the frame
  • Shattered windows and window frames

Our services are available for projects of any magnitude in all areas of London and the greater London area. Repairs and replacement projects and simple calibration tasks for window maintenance are all high on our priority list, as your comfort is one of our main concerns.

We can also upgrade your existing double glazed windows and window frames for the installation of triple glazed glasses, which provide an extra layer of protection.

Is it worth replacing misty windows with a new one?

The sealing capacities of double glazed windows are one of their most important features, and if they are damaged, all the praise about their energy efficiency will be put to waste.

So, in short, replacing them with a brand new sealing unit is the best choice when you see any signs of damage. Trying homemade fixes for seal units like glue or resin can lead to an unpleasant sight around the window’s edges.

If you consider how much an adequately sealed double glazed window can save your energy bill every month, you won’t have second thoughts about replacing the unit with a new one.

Replacing the sealing unit is inexpensive for aluminium and uPVC windows and doors, but when it comes to more traditional window and door types, replacing them could take a long time, which means it’ll cost a lot as well. But that doesn’t mean you should postpone the replacement.

Why double glazing windows are the best choice for homeowners?

  • Energy Efficiency

    The thermal insulation in double glazed windows is a serious upgrade compared to regular glass. In addition, the gas barrier formed between the glasses helps create another protective layer against energy waste.

  • Innovative Products

    Our glazing techniques are up-to-date with the latest advances in the industry, and our attention to the details of the installation make our products and installations genuinely superior. With high performance and our coordination with project owners, our products are some of the best available in London.

  • Security

    Double glazed windows can’t be easily broken or smashed, and any intruder would require special equipment to cut through them. Double glazed windows will probably dishearten any potential burglars from targeting your home or office in the first place.

  • Bespoke Design

    Double glazed windows can come in many shapes and sizes, with bespoke specifications that have made HomeReps one of the best providers of bespoke double glazed windows in London.

    Most of the components of the windows are customisable, with different available options that will suit your needs or personal style choices.

  • Cost-Effective Services

    Our operations are efficient and cost-effective, and there is no need to worry about extra costs of repairs or replacement because of the technician’s inability to deliver the project on time.