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Precise door hanging and fitting

A new entrance door can upgrade your exterior decoration, especially with a personal touch, to bring out the best in your exterior design. Or perhaps your new home needs a bespoke door frame and door that you haven’t been able to find on the market yourself.

If your old bedroom door is too noisy at night or the balcony door is out of alignment, our technicians can resolve the issue in a matter of hours. If your door is loose and about to fall off the hinges, there isn’t much time to waste before it falls down and causes damage to itself and the surrounding area.

With HomeReps, you can find the best door fitting and repair services money can buy in London, with customised installation options in almost all steps of the installation. Our experts can even follow your instructions or blueprints for optimally customised installation of a bespoke door and doorframe.

Fitting doors with maximum safety is one of our priorities in fitting or recalibrating any door installation.

Why use a professional door fitter?

It’s true that no handyman would turn down a door fitting job and probably offer a decent installation as well. But trusting a handyperson to complete a complex carpentry task if your door is a rare type or the infrastructure presents unique challenges. HomeReps employs professional carpenters for such projects with extensive experience in fitting doors and door frames.

Our services go beyond simple door fitting and are not limited to the following but include:

  • Fitting doors for the main entrance
  • Installing interior doors and door frames or replacing them
  • Increasing security by fitting new attachments to fortify the door
  • Fitting flame retardant doors
  • Fitting glazed glass door
  • Installing Japanese-style sliding doors
  • Installing doors between divider partitions

Do you need the advice to choose from a variety of doors?

Suppose you are overwhelmed by all the advertisements for different door types and crazy concepts on the internet and can’t pin down a viable candidate for your project. In that case, our consultants can provide you with informed advice on different models that may fit your home layout perfectly. They are very transparent about the difference in costs and the advantages and disadvantages of each model you may be interested in.

There are so many variations when it comes to doors, from the type of material to their purpose and function. Some doors are flame retardant, while some others are more resistant against exposure to humidity or cold. It all depends on the details of your house, like where it’s located, the direction your prominent entrance faces, etc.

Why choose HomeReps for door hanging and fitting services?

Since 2019, we have been working non-stop to provide home installation services to clients across London. We have handled odd jobs and complex redesign projections this time. However, the experience of our staff goes beyond a few years, as we have carefully selected a team of professional handymen and technicians with the skills and expertise to carry out any project.

Our carpentry services are one of the main areas of interest. Demand for professional carpentry is never low in London, where many antique and wooden doors and windows are still in place from centuries ago. We can provide door fitting services and repair for even the most antiquated doors.

Our experts are ready to work with any type of wooden door including oak, cherry, walnut and other popular wood strains used for door manufacturing. Repairing some of the bespoke wooden doors isn’t a job for every novice carpenter, and choosing HomeReps guarantees that your property is maintained and repaired by professional carpenters.

Check out our website for our available home maintenance services, or contact us directly for customised project proposals.

Changing your doors can make a huge difference in your interior design

While we offer comprehensive interior redesign and decoration services at HomeReps, sometimes there is no need for a lot of change in a house to make a real difference in how it looks. Changing the doors, especially if they aren’t collected, and each room has a different door type, can be that difference. While all the doors can be identical, there is no necessity to do so, as you can choose a series of doors with a similar design that complement each other. Customising these doors to correlate with each room can bring a delicate sense of style to your home, for example, choosing a warmer colour for the kitchen door.